Bad Thoughts

Bad thoughts re politics, mass shootings, certain writers,
the South, Russia, Putin, the GOP, the history of women’s
suppression, the course of history including war, slavery,
holocausts, despotism, marauding, colonizing, conquering
conquistadors, racism, religious bigotry, sacrificial rites,
rape, violence, killing, rioting, lynching, mobs,
price gouging, bullying, snake oil dealers,
flimflam artists, sneakiness, liars, fundamentalists,
greed, unkempt hordes, drug abuse, alcoholism,
drug pushers, manipulators, gas lighting,
propaganda machines, plagues, pandemics,
political assassinations, demagogues, Trump,

I could continue with arsonists, looters, machinations,
climate deniers, poisoning polluters but I think I’ve said
enough except for bigotry, cowardice, creeping evil sayers,
finger pointers, burning of women, witch hunters.

Encyclopedias have been filled about these things.

What more should I add?

Should I add more?

Do you wish me to add more?


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keith jeffries

Wed 10th Aug 2022 09:08

My goodness this is a tirade and please feel free to add . I am with you all the way. The opening stanza is the daily cry of most people as we turn on our tv's. Written with passion. A damn good poem. Go for it K Lynn.
Thank you indeed for this

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John Botterill

Sat 6th Aug 2022 08:35

A considerable achievement K. Lynn. Every morning we wake up to read all about it, don't we?

K. Lynn

Sat 23rd Jul 2022 05:40

I try, Stephen, but most of the time I'm grumpy when I write. And when I try to be optimistic or write Three Good Things, I sound unbalanced. Maybe I'll try to write some lighthearted satire to see how that goes.

Thanks everyone, for reading.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 22nd Jul 2022 18:36

Aahh mankind! See if you can even it out with the good that we do... Not an easy task! 🌈

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