I saw you standing there

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(Waiting for our Mum)


I saw you waiting
in the light
stood there waiting
standing there

saw you in
the window's light
stood there facing
stood to stare

standing facing
to the light
from the windows
tall and bright

from the shopping
arcade's light
from the arcade's
neon glare
I saw you shopping
standing there

I saw you standing
shopping there
saw you with the
shopping there
In the arcade
window's glare
stood there standing

stood there standing
chestnut hair
watched by shoppers
stood to stare

bathed within the
window's light
before the windows
tall and bright
in the light just
standing there

you stood waiting
we stood there
all of us stood
standing there

I stood waiting
(with sisters there)
we all smiled
as mum stood there
she waved to us
as we waved to her.

(lmaginary event)


(Mum died in 1958.

Sisters Mally 5 yr and Tina 9 month, myself 3 yYr)


words and foto T Carroll

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Bryony Partridge

Fri 7th Oct 2022 10:45

Really enjoyed this. It’s like a painting - the repetition is like brush strokes over the same bit of a picture, that all comes together evocatively. Great rhythm and emotion too.

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 24th Aug 2022 11:00

Thank you Graham, Stephen and Brenda, your comments are very much appreciated 🙂

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Brenda Wells

Fri 29th Jul 2022 17:52

A powerful, heartfelt piece that conveys some very strong images.
Thank you for sharing

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 28th Jul 2022 08:35

Beautifully written and immensly moving, Tommy.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 27th Jul 2022 14:51

Quite often repetitive work doesn’t work but this is excellent writing Tommy. We’ll done!

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