You're so narcissistic that it makes me want to put a gun to my head I wish that I was kidding but this would only be words for the saint you're so oblivious that people love you that you kick them out before you really know them it's fucking nauseating how you think that everyone hates you yeah I get it you have trauma but so does everyone they don't use that to make everyone else feel like shit learn how to talk to people and learn how to care for people who actually care for you or you're going to end up alone with no one beside you at all it's fucking nauseating how you think you're the only one who thinks that you lost someone this year plenty hell you can't even let anyone speak without making them feel worthless do you even notice that you treat people like crap or is it just the way that you are is like a bitter taste of nauseating blood curdling sounds that I thought I could never get out God you make me want to fucking slam my head against the dashboard you would give a aspirin a fucking headache I don't understand how you think that the whole world doesn't love you when you have people who would do anything to make you happy but now you have to be fucking greedy so immature and then call everyone else that well maybe you should learn to loosen up a little bit and get the stick out your ass and learn how the fucking love but no you have to play the victim that's all you can do that's all you've ever been good at maybe it's all the trauma and abuse but I don't blame it on that because I have the same fucking abuse and you still treat me like shit

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