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This morning we took a dolmus
to Gumusluk, not too far away
Where the ancient ruins of Myndos 
are said to be buried in the bay

These days it’s a famous tourist spot
people visit from miles around
There are lots of fancy restaurants 
and delicious food to be found 

Rising from the clear shallow waters
slender white painted twig like trees 
Decorated with bright jewelled lamps 
that gently sway in the light breeze

The walls of low rise whitewashed houses
blank canvas for dazzling hues 
A carnival of floral colours
in yellows, purples, pinks and blues 

On the highest point of the headland 
the Turkish flag billows in the sky
We walked to the top of the hill
above where the seagulls soar up high 

Down below is Rabbit Island
with it’s sunken stone step causeway
Now an archeological site 
where people are asked not to stray 

Rewarded with a three sixty view
taking in the sea, sky and town 
A few photographs at the top 
before we make our way back down 

We trundle along the dusty path 
by the turquoise Aegean Sea
Low waves crash against the rugged rocks
in a foaming frothy frenzy

A short walk around the sheltered bay 
now it’s time for a bite to eat 
The perfect way to end our trip 
which has certainly been a treat 


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julie callaghan

Tue 5th Jul 2022 16:41

Thanks for the likes and lovely comment Stephen A.

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Stephen Atkinson

Mon 4th Jul 2022 18:53

Could you make me any more jealous? I think not! Lovely stuff Julie 😭

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