All the same to me

All in all
Things work out
It seems to me
That this is just
What they do
So you can
If you choose
Worry about
This way 
And that path
This person 
And that monster
You can lose sleep
Over tonight
Or tomorrow
Or today
Or the things 
That have already 
Or you can
Let them happen

An old man once 
Said to me
Let be 
And though
I understood the words
I didn't know 
Their meaning
Yet now I sit
No better or 
There are patches 
Where my hair
Used to be
And greyness is starting 
To wash away
the colour
But for once 
In my life 
I think I see 
That everything 
Is a shade of something
And that things
Are not things
However much they 
Pretend to be

Will work out
One way or 
And maybe it's best
To let them
Get on with it
A good book
And a glass of wine
Aren't going to 
Change the world
But they're not
Going to stop it

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