Idiomatic poem

Beggars aren't choosers

Only if you are a beggar

Or consider yourself one

You lose your liberties 

To choose and make choices 


Ships are safe in the harbours 

But that's not what ships are made for 

They are designed for the oceans and turbulence 

So if you are comfortably cozy in your corner 

Consider yourself docked for few hours 

After which you have to make a...

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Learning to tie my shoelaces 

I bent down to hold it right 

Turned it around to tie the knot 

Was expecting a perfect bow 

But when I tired it wasn't perfectly tied 

So I untied it twice, thrice and many more times 

Got help from trainers who knew the art 

The right turns and curves to give 

Imitating those dexterous moves once again

Persistent in getting it right once a...

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The tongue 👅 😋

Flesh without bones 

Is soft yet harder than stone 

Buds that helps feel the taste 

Helping us romanticize food we ate 


Wagging like a dogs tail 

When flattery it entails 

Slips like feet on wet floor 

When insulting a weak poor 


With mind it consults and hatches plans 

To bring down reputation of a weaker clan 

It's the only train that's unstoppable 

No ...

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Until forever......

There's God's hand in everything

In life, in sickness, in joy and death 


God's plans are better than ours 

Only if we see those plans with faith in our eyes 


There's eternal blooming in everyone we meet 

Not a chance or coincidence that's what people preach 


I would love to go and fetch some stars 

And leave them back in the sky on starless hours 


Until ...

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Nostalgic winter season

These winter mornings brings with them 

Lots of laughter, fun and happiness 

The winter sun is soft and warm 

Snuggly wrapped around it's loving arms 

Flowers and fruits smells so fresh and nice 

Spreading fragrances divine 


Winter months are for me and all winter lovers 

We can go around exploring places and discover

With lover right and a caring family 

Brings joy...

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The other side of the coin

Unshield my heart 

And let the love flow 

Unbreak my mind 

And let the trust grow 


Undo the past 

And let present be 

Uncover the darkness 

And let the light be seen 


Unlock the mysteries 

And let clarity in 

Undivide the feelings

And let it be only for thee 



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See me Rise

Never judge me by my fall 

For today I may be in my lows 

But no one knows

what tomorrow has in store


It's not matter 

How many times I fall 

What matters is 

How many times I do rise 


There's always one thing more 

I keep hoping for from God 

Some days it's love, others it's faith 

What matters is, I never gave up Hope 


You have seen me fall over...

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Do what makes you happy

Go where your heart takes you 

Love the one who loves you 

Be what you wish to be 


There's no compulsion 

There's no cat fight 

No rat race to run 

Nothing that's gaming fun 


Be with the one you wish to be with 

Build a home with whom your heart's at peace 

Live where you and your better half may please 

And create a life that's be...

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Don't assume nor presume

Silence doesn't mean hard heartedness

It doesn't even convey Lack of emotions

It simply signifies beautiful patience

And acceptance of will of God in every situation 


Silence doesn't mean Lack of empathy or sympathy 

It doesn't also convey any hard negative feelings 

It's only a Lack of communication that's a pause 

Untill there's two way traffic, there isn't much movemen...

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Hello there once again

Thank you

For your patience

And staying in

For everything you did

And never said: I quit



For being rude

Confused and confined

For being suspicious

Jealously possessive 


I like you

Since the day we first me

Even on days when your sweat smelt of smoothie eggs

Since our first hello

Till all the days you went ghosting, Protecting 



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I'm of youth

Grandfather of few

To feel my age again

I go hunting Game

Chasing women younger 

Older women also interests me

I'm basically lusting for women's flesh 

Anything I see I fall head over heels

My hard drive is to clumsy 

Keeps pushing me to chase women

My hair are 50 shades of grey, so My beard

I'm  totally kinky for female body 

My moronic behaviour i...

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They thought

They thought I'm weak

I won't be able to face it 

The storms will break me 

And soon I'll commit suicide 


After the storm passes

They kept waiting for me to fall 

With all surety in their heart 

They laughed to see me pretending to be standing tall 


They thought I'm pretending to be ok 

While I was facing the storms after storm 

With all being assured that o...

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Key to knowledge

Why Some people can feel things spiritual

While others are stooped in beauty of physicality 


It's so difficult for a spiritually dead person

To experience anything related to spiritual stuff 


A materialistic person can only understand life 

That's filled with love for all worldly objects 


A spiritual person experiences things from sixth sense 

Existence of extra...

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Playfulness strewn around

Playful in the early hours

Morning bells a ringing star 

They flock upon my terrace 

Singing melodies worth power 


Playfully they roam all over the garden

Hanging out in groups of threes and fours 

Mesmerising music their chirping creates 

Filling the dawn's enthusiastical songs 


Playfulness strewn all around the lawn 

Hopping on from Branches to Branches 


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All good things 

One day ends

But the solace is

In knowing that

Even bad isn't permanent 

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Peace, love, harmony and me

Peace came gliding through the air 

Landed right in my heart removing despair 


Peace came singing along the breeze 

Fell upon my ear causing emotions to unfreeze 


Peace came swinging on a swing 

Alighted upon my eyes remaining in


Peace came flowing upon the brooks 

Gently resting upon my fingers Rewinding painful looks


Peace came running along the track 


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Living life king size

He feels congestion 

A life that sucks

Surrounded by parasites

O how he wishes

Someone could save him


He's choking 

Under the pressure 

If Responsibilities 

Although that's what he wanted


He's scared of death 

Why on earth 

Did he reveal his identity 

To so many people 

Now he can't live free

Always hiding behind frenemies 


Where's the li...

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Jealousy is a friend of evil doers

They get along well with eachother 

It helps them enjoy others sorrows 

And they celebrate when others they hurt 


Jealousy is a lethal weapon of a weak man 

He holds on to it like a child holding his mother 

And carries this weapon everywhere he goes 

Envying all those who live a comfortably happy life with their family  


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Fighting depression is a tact.

Scientific solutions to enact 

Cold water therapy prescribed

Together with living a happy life 


Leave the toxic people who hurt you

They aren't your friends or enemies to keep


Leave the environment that's negatively charged

You will feel so much brighter and happier at heart 


Leave the information that causes pain and sadness 


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Dark souls

No one changes 

No love, No friendship

Some are born dark 

Filled with hatred 

Demons run their life 

Advocates of sin


No one changes 

No goodness, No mercy

They speak hypocrisy 

Bondage for friendship 

They know only war and carnage 

Filled with hatred 

Made of materials toxic 


No one changes

A snake poisonous 

Biting it's keeper 

No frien...

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One last time

One last time he spoke to his family

Before being gunned down brutally

What a waste of life It would be

Dying so young, hardly any life to see 


One last time he went to the pub with his friends

Hardly he knew the next day he will be gunned down 

His youthful body that shines so Brightly in the club

Will be drenched and soaked in his youthful blood 


One last time h...

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*crème de la crème

I'm in a perfect state of bliss

With people all loving and caring 

I've nothing much to do here

Simply eat, play, sleep and dancing


I'm in my best time of life

Experiencing win after win 

All the wrongs have been deleted 

And rights have been carefully added 


I'm my perfect health as of now 

Strength and power, youth and vigour 

So much healthier and mightie...

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I asked him

Why are you so funny


He replied 

I ain't t so funny, but little may be 


Why Crack jokes over useless stuff?

He said I love your smiling face and twinkling eyes 

And when I Crack jokes, million smiles it invokes


Are you trying to flirt with me?

Not at all, Why should I try? I'm doing it effortlessly

That made me laugh out loud, lightheartedly

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She should be given another chance

For what?

To prove her self worth

Or to prove that she rightly deserves


What would that chance be

A final kick in her Butt finally

And with all might and force 

That she never returns to honour (disturb) us

Learns her lesson finally

Of never taking the second chances

For it could also mean a final blow

That will break your ev...

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B. E (Bachelors is Eng)

Have you done B.E

Someone asked me

I said I'm an Arts student 

An arts student can also be B. E

I asked him "How on earth will that be?"

He replied, simply eat and eat

I was confused a little 

He cleared the riddle 

By ordering pizza and burger 

And together we ate happily

Afterwards He gave me a B.E

Telling me I just got awarded 

Bachelors in Eating

How fool...

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Live and let live

Not everyone is you

Your dreams

Your goals

Your desires 

Yours is yours to keep


Not everyone wants to be you

Their dreams

Their desires

Their goals 

What's their's is for them to keep 


Don't be hard upon yourself 

Don't be judgemental about others 

When there's conflicting behaviours 

It means things are not same 


There was a time 

When t...

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No I am not available for a dual

I clear the garbage through someone

I pay hard big cash for female cleansing

Then I create a beautiful characters

Prepare an event and invite the garbage fri.end

Of course to fry her till her end of her breath


Celebrations are coming up

At a clse relative house

I've planned things seriously

Now even I cops are with me

So if the ga...

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Who am I?

I'm a woman old but new

I know the world better than many of you 

No I don't claim to be a big name or a celebrity

Although my dad was not less than a celebrity in his youth and in a good sense

People knew my dad and worshipped him for his good name

He was respected and loved by all, whether a Christian, muslim or a Hindu



Who am I?

I've explored myself quite w...

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Who am I?

I'm a powerful man

Who practices blackmagic on people

I can't go fight with hand and feet 

So I use a weak weapon of cowards 

Yes I am a coward, because I can't reveal my identity

So I will never fight you face to face

I will never use abusive Language 

I will leave you when I'm angry with you

Because it's best for me not to confront one to one

Then I take your photos an...

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Trace my feelings if you can

Ab main na tumhey chahti hoon

Na hee tumsey kuch chahtee hoon 

Isliyey nahi ki tum bewafa ho 

Isliyey nahi ki main bawafa nahi 

Bs is liyey ki ab tum merey nahi 

Aur ab main tumhari ho sakti nahi 


Ab main tumsey na kuch kehna chahtee hoon

Na hee tumsey kuch sunna chahtee hoon 

Is liyey nahi ki merey pass kuch kehney ko nahi 

Ya ab mujhey tumhari koi fikr nahi 


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*great sayings

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Tonight before I sleep 

I wish to write a story to keep 

Few words to pen down 

Before my soul goes around 

A final goodbye to say 

Before I close my eyes today 

I forgive you all for all your wickedness 

Your lies that was a game for all to play 

I forgive them even before I go away 

No bitterness or hard feelings to share 

You may all live in peace and harmony  


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*chessboard chaos

They kept playing the game of chess

Both the sides were theirs to play 

I was an onlooker quiet 

Trying to figure out what each require 

Untill all their pawns were defeated 

The horses were bruised and elephants killed 

The enemy and the party they belonged 

They turned each one against the other 

Their motives were unexposed

How would I the game suppose 

Finally the...

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*what's missing?

What's missing? 


What's missing in this world of ours? 


We have palatial bungalows but family is missing 

We live in with strangers and change partners easily


We have family but love is missing 

Members live together because they are socially bound 


We have friends but trust is missing 

Backstabbing and gossiping in such relationship is amazing 


We ...

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*sans love, feelings, emotions and virtues

What's missing? 


What's missing in this world of ours? 


We have palatial bungalows but family is missing 

We live in with strangers and change partners easily


We have family but love is missing 

Members live together because they are socially bound 


We have friends but trust is missing 

Backstabbing and gossiping in such relationship is amazing 


We ...

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*did you know?

Do you know?


You're the light

You're the beautiful night 

Yes you, who's reading this 

You are handsome 

You are the best 


Do you know? 

You are the hero

You are the captain

Yes you, who's reading this 

You are the Man every woman wants 

You are a friend anyone could die for 


Do you know? 

Your shine is brightest 

You're the politest 


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*Divine vengeance

Divine vengeance is a thing that's true 

A miracle for innocent and hell for shrewd 

It catches you unaware when life treats you good 

And it blesses the downtrodden when life's burdens grew 


Divine vengeance is a masterplan made by God 

He knows each and every of a criminals move 

He knows the plan that their minds construe 

And when they confidently move after destroyin...

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I promise

I'll never hurt you,  will always keep you safest safe

Will give you happiness, like you have seen never before 


What I did

I hurt you the most, broke you into innumerable pieces 

You felt vulnerable, unsafe, fearful and always scared

I stripped you off every happiness and filled your eyes with tears

Tears of fear, fright, helplessness, humiliation, betrayal, mo...

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When there seems to be no way

And everywhere there's only gray

Trust your God, there's still a divine way 

A path straight and easy for those who believe

Not a blind belief but one of convincing trust 

And you'll see your road crystal clear even in mist 

The power of faith in God is stronger than any gloom 

Instead of crying over spilt milk, Gather your strength and try again 


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*lovingly loving lover's love

I'm in love

In love with, the idea of love

Love seems sweet

Unless you love someone

That's when you know the reality 


I'm in love

In love with the feeling of love 

That's flowing within me 

And my soul is swimming in it's deep

Never to return from it's depths sweet 


I'm in love

In love with everything lovely 

People who love and are loving 


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*keep going on fearlessly

There's an undying hope within me, that urges me to keep going on

Struggles of this world are nothing but a way to make us wise and strong

When we learn the lessons of life as they approach us

We attain experiences that will help us achieve innumerable victories

The darkness of ignorance keeps us weak and evil

Someday we turn our own souls against our will 

So it's better to be i...

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*a gift

I wasn't wrong

When I thought 

Of a heaven in hell 

A home where I dwell 

Only safe haven on earth 

As long as I breathe strong 


I was sure 

After trials and errors 

There's no other place 

Like the one I'm blessed 

A hell or put of fire 

But now it's a desire 

To fix things up 

And let this be a blessing 

To stay untill the end 


I'm forced to...

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*devz adv.

What you have 

You give to others

If hatred is your DNA 

That's the gift you send others

If negativity is your genes 

That's what you distribute

The friends you keep 

Reflects your personality 

Demons and devils by your side 

Goodness you can't give 

As you are yourself deprived

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*wedding bells

I know of a bride to be

And also a groom to be 

They have butterflies in stomach 

Flying all over their garden 


The bride is shy

The groom is coyest 

They have smile innocent 

But their hearts are naughty 

Blooming stories romantically lovely 


I know the wedding venue 

I know the guests on board 

The deck is decked with ribbons 

Flowers are strewn all ...

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*bon voyage

Let's begin the roller coaster 

I'm ready to take the ride 

Hoping the journey be good 

Fulfilled, easy and divine 


Let's take a plunge 

I'm ready to dive in 

Feeling safe with my friends 

Whom I can trust more than myself 


Let's start the voyage 

I'm ready to hit the true North 

Navigation all set to get us rolling 

Waving up and down to our destination 


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*for bestie with love

Our relationship was always strong

Even in rough water's we went along 

Fighting, loving, shouting all the way

We've crossed every stream and bay 


We stood strong through the tests of time 

When enemies threw garbage at us to ruin our life 

You went astray, I went astray then met again and again 

Now you are married and proud father of many kids 

Still we get along som...

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*pool of life

On losing his ground

He held onto the last straw 

Using words offensive 

But his insecurity

Was very prominent 

Intimidating, threatening 

Gaslighting name calling 

All straws soon slipped off 

Drowning the weakest man on earth

In the pool of his sins, guilt and shame

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*imaginary heaven on earth

Comfortably easy life

                        Only a fool will exchange it 

                                              For an imaginary Topsy turvy ride


                                              For an imaginary fairy tale, 

                          with imaginary characters

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*wise fool

In the world turned upside down

Where weak are suppressed 

And poor are draged 

A land where mirth is in torturing others

Sadistic pleasures, evilness and wickedness 

There rose a man of might and divine powers

Bringing the new world as per God's plan

Changing things for betterment of humanity 

His soul did rise to unprecedented heights 


There was another mighty man...

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*not always

Sometimes....... I wish I wake up from a deep long refreshing sleep

To find I'm still a child and I just bumped into a nightmare while asleep


I wish there comes a huge divine life saving airship 

To lift me up and take me to a place safe and protected 


I wish to open my eyes in a blink 

To realize my heart isn't hurting 


I wish to run in deep green valleys 


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