My Life (A Sadist Person) - Agonizing Words

Living a sad life, in a bad way.
Doing al-kinda stuff in a bad way
found love but it slipped away
waiting for the end as I sway

In beginning, it wasn't this bad at all
but my stupid decision created this down-fall
looking at a tree wondering if it's tall
so I can hang myself to end it all

falling for love was great
but falling in betrayal invites hate,
Now this agony, sorrow, and pain
helps me to cry when it rains.

Setting a good life is always the plan
but it turned me into a sadist man.
There's a lot to do, but I wonder if I can.
Life made me worse, as I did everything I can.



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keith jeffries

Tue 5th Jul 2022 12:30

A poem with a raw quality but also honest. The first two lines of the pen ultimate stanza resonate with me because I have trodden that barren ground.
A good poem
Thank you for this

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