She will. NLD PAGE 6

She will live again

She'll be happy again

It's all a matter of time 

She'll find her life again


She'll trust again 

She'll be with the right person This time 

No drama, no humiliation 

Nothing disgusting to bear again 


She'll love again

Her heart will beat again 

For the God's chosen one 

One who's made for her 


She'll play again

She'll dance again

Singing songs of love 

Living a great life this time 


She'll find loyalty 

She'll find honesty 

In the person 

Sent by almighty 


Past is a door closed 

It wasn't meant to be 

Present is an open door 

Now it's meant to be 


She'll be happy and joyous 

She'll live life righteous 

With a pious partner 

Made eternally for each other 


She'll smile again

She'll laugh again

She'll drool for the right person 

Living a romantic life forever 


Her heart will beat again 

Her heart will dream again 

She'll not miss the train 

She'll board the right plane 


Her feelings will grow 

Her emotions will sow 

Harvesting every goal 

Living life happily forevermore 


He'll be handsome and righteous 

He'll be loyal and pious 

Made for her alone 

Giving her love, happiness and joy like she'd seen never before 


She'll find peace in his arms 

She'll find reason to live again 

She'll be his dream girl 

They'll be committed forevermore  


She'll live with him 

She'll find calm in Him 

His face is all she will see 

Morning, noon, night, daily 


They will joke together 

Talking whole night over 

Romantic movies to see 

popcorn, icecream and smoochies


She'll be his desire 

He'll be her satisfaction 

Together they'll create Loving memories 

Eternal bond, blessed by God almighty

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Sun 14th Aug 2022 07:19

It should Nigel in it's time. Thank you🌷

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Nigel Astell

Tue 2nd Aug 2022 01:52

Smiles wait for hearts to beat
love opens a Moonlight door
for dreams to keep❤

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