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My bum is sore

imagination no more



I try and try

but only can sigh

for no words fall on my paper


I sit and sit and twittle my thumbs

swaying my chair side to side


I use to be funny

and quick witted 

words rolling off my tongue

dripping onto my page


This evening my mind is a blank

not sure who to thank

for the empiness of my brai...

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I fear that

I will vanish

without a trace

as they add

the final date

to the right

of the hyphen.

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Also by Grape:

Indifference |

Home for the holidays

Homecoming over white hills, blue waters

Inhale cool fresh air, exhale slowly to remember the sensation

Warm embraces from family and friends

Wood stove heat warms me to core, comforting blanket

View of the ocean, littered with sea ice waiting to form

Fishing boats resting for long winter ahead

Visits with old friends, laughter over coffee and sweets

Reminiscing, old times and...

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Forgive but don’t forget me

I don’t want to be a bad memory,

so here I am, saying sorry,

for the things I’ve done that could possibly have hurt you;

with everything I say or done,

I hope you forgive me

before the sun sets and 

hope you’ll remember me

as a good memory when the sun rises.

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Also by Petal:

World Mental Health Day // October 10th |

Love poetrypoetrywritingpoem

Happy New Year

Now the end of December is here,

So I’ll toast you, my friends, with a beer,

Then I’ll scribble a rhyme,

While I have a good time,

And I’ll wish you a happy New Year.

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Seasonal Speculations | Tension | Summer, Sheephaven Bay |

Garden of Awareness

Let me invite you to the wonders 

Of my Soul where you can rest 

In the garden of Awareness 

bringing fresh aroma to aliveness

I watching the day passing by 

Drinking the cup of Joy 

With two  spoons of happiness 

I got some alleys of Peace 

Where I like to spend some  time 

And then flowers of the bliss 

Mmmm they smell so beautiful 

On the middle of my garden


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Also by Artur Hulboj:

True desire | SoulMate | What is it? | The road of self discover... | Healing Heart | Wisdom... | Road of love | Lighting | Mother Earth | Trust | Cycle of life |

A New Vision

A New Vision


A new vision for a new time, a new episode, a new year

for the future is full of uncertainty mingled with hope

We face it with a sense of expectancy

hopeful yet daunting in an immense complexity


Energy, wisdom with a strong sense of purpose

are required to embrace the unknown

We approach a mist, a maze, an entanglement

it is from within, our inner sel...

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Also by keith jeffries:

There is no Shangri-la | Friendship | Out of Darkness into Enlightenment | The Cauldron | The Bus Station | Disquietude | The Gay Manta Ray |

Cheers to the new beginning

Let's raise our glasses,

As we bring in the new year.

Allow the positive vibes to consume you,

Like alcohol running through your veins.


Kiss your partner,

Show them the love you feel.

Hug family and friends,

Wish them the best.

Let's give cheers to the new beginnings.





Every moment you have in life.

Cherish your loved ones,


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happy new yearlifelovenew beginnings

The tragedy of not getting what you want


borrowing the time you want now 

taking more space than allowed 


heart beats faster at the thought 

there’s more to be had out in front


making a criminal duo in bed 

never enough minutes left


sand runs out between our toes

something in our hearts scream "go" 


to the exhibition with our name on it 

glimpsing ourselves in the moment 



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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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sweetheart in b flat (12/30/2017)

"bang bang bang"
Vors mouthed this under his breath with every hit to the heavy bag. 

Jab jab cross, chasing and following lines with his eyes, snap-raising a forearm check between an exterior triangular step. 
"Bang Bang bang"
His aching bones creaking and stiffening, hardening and softening like the bows of a great ship, destined overseas, long ambivalent to pain.
"Bang bang bang"
Jab cr...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

transcendence (12/30/2017) | Shornschu (12/28/2017) | "write about being neurotic" (12/14/2017) | lead III (12/12/2017) | consumption (12/01/2017) | being like them (12/06/2017) |

Vors sweetheart heavy bag

The oak tree

A misshapen old man

that barred our way to school.

We would sidle past, caps over our eyes,

the aged oak in Greenfield Avenue,

so wide the path went round it;

startling, lurid growths

broke away from its crevices,

crumbling at a touch.


Aware of beauty, we gathered

cobwebs, glistening with dew

and sunlight, netting them as gleaming fish

in rock pools, with bent...

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My studies have given me a legacy of interest in many and wide-ranging social, moral and ethical fields and concerns, as well as the politics of power. This piece is a manifestation of that legacy.


"The world is splitting open at my feet like a ripe, juicy watermelon." Sylvia Plath.

On her gravestone: “Even amidst fierce flames, the golden lotus can be planted.” Wu Ch'Eng-En.



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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Time and Windows | Stone Poem | Winter Town | Slow Train to Freedom | every word | Dream River | Moon Pool | Stone of Love | Water Street |


To love is to suffer

His words twist into my heart, in bold letters they tear me apart, leaving my eyes bright and green, I can't hold back the tears, I'm not trying to fight, expressing my feelings is damaging, he takes it wrong and here comes the sting, I guess love isn't meant for me, no matter how sweet I can be.

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Also by Myescape:

big hearts |

Heart breakbattlebullying


Last year at this moment, I had resolution
To post as much poems as the monthly said days
It was going for broke, ambitious in a haze
Without fear I started for this execution

Some poems came quickly, some lingered in my head
Some news helped my content, the President is numb
Some were of fantasy, some were worth daily scrum
But all in all for fun, eight months covering spread


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Also by Louis Audet:

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Mental Health

Darkness doesn’t pass it just becomes different fragments of light Maybe over minutes, hours or days it can seem bright. As I sit twisting my short hair around my finger wondering if 4 days unwashed is a concern If the clothes I’ve not cleaned, that I sit in, does it really matter?

  I can raise a smile yet a tear falls quicker, overflowing my eye lashes, warm on my cheek, never alone as anothe...

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Also by Ria Richardson:

That’s when you find it | Don’t ask me | horseplay |

Lazy Poets

‘Most poets are just lazy prose-writers’,
Said William Burroughs.
The cheek of it! Though he did say that T S Eliot was
Impressive as a lecturer. He had found that at Harvard.
And of course they did both come from St Louis.
He expressed no view of Ezra Pound though.
Hadn’t really read him, he professed.
Lazy prose-writers indeed! Of course, he always liked
To express dissent from commonly ...

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Earth's sword

Earth is a curious place.  Sunrise evokes awe

in those who watch a day’s waking hour.  To survive

that day, or consecutive days, we’re totally

reliant upon our ingenuity and

the society we’ve built.  Were it not for our

technology, logistics and planning, many

of us would not be here.  Earth’s beauty hides this harsh,

double edged sword.  Something so beautiful can be


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Also by Rich:

Afterwards | Self Certainty |

survivalhuman survivalenvironment

A drop of life

I was in search of a smile..
A smile coming all the way from a true heart..
I was looking for that heart warming stare...
A stare that would shiver the whole of me with the paint of love...


I was in need of a caring touch..
A touch that could quench my thirst for a mother's love....
I was looking for a pure heart...
A heart even holy than the heaven above...


I saw decades pas...

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Also by Shruti:

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He’s big, He’s old, He’s rather bold, on his arms his muscles have dropped instead of being up on top. His scars are there for all to see, marks of hardship in his history.

His children see dad,  his grandchildren see nothing, a bald headed old man that once was something, he stood on one whilst swinging at another, back to back with his hard arsed brother.

 One day on a dark winter night, a...

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Also by PatricioLG:

Alarm | ALARM | Rana Plaza | Homeless |


Coat hangers queue like question marks 

waiting for answers -

asking why they have no shoulders to cry on, 

no clothes to rely on.


"Perhaps," they might say, " our owners have

left us on the dead rail;

but why O why did they go away?"

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Also by ray pool:



(Does this complete my miscellany of Christmas Brexit songs?  Wait and see)


I’m dreaming of a hard Brexit

So we can make Great Britain great

Then the British nation

Can halt immigration

And send the Polacks back. But wait!

My dreaming of a hard Brexit

Has now been stuffed by Mrs May

She has blown Hard Brexit away

Cos the Poles and all others now can stay.




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Also by John Coopey:



Everybody knows it is best

     stand still quiet while the rainbow lasts

seeing all times rapt in a moment 

     being slow to jump

to the latest distraction 

     from lines drawn out of fashion

everybody eventually retrieves

     perfectly good heartbeats

long buried amongst all that's fit to dump

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Dangling Koan | December's Song | Sia | Love Remains | Missing |

The Art of Changing

I'mma start giving positivity out like Oprah
So you can sit down 
And do nothing with your life
But I'm going to change the world

I don't regret anything
To regret means 
That you didn't learn anything 
From that problem

I've been in this dark gloomy glaze for too long
Stop being scared of change
So let's start over again see the world
I've become too comfortable
With being depress...

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Also by Mikey V Kinsey:

12/28/16 | Finite | Man in the Mirror | Ouija | Words of The Waiting Man | Morning Coffee | Stay For Awhile | Disconnection | 5 days | Untitled | I'm Kind of Drunk | One Side of A Coin | Mental Illness |


Me ne mujh sa kayir, beywafa paya koyi nai
Sharafat!   Teri  izzat  abhi   tak  khoyi   nai

Tu ley aa usey ke dhar uska  khula  hai abhi
Shayad   uski   aankhein  abhi  tak  royi  nai

Har  jhapakti  palak  me   ye   bheegha  pan
Meri    aankhein   to  furqat   se   soyi   nai

Sharafat, is  roz  to   umeed  bhi  na  yi bhar
Tere    dhar  se  aaj   bhi  guzra   koyi   nai



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lovehopeurdu poetrysadmelancholyromanceintrospection

It is meant for one


When smiles
From my teeth
You often scan,
Do not  conclusion jump
Posses my heart you can
The former is for all
But the latter
For one!

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Monkey's mentality |

missunderstanding confusiion

Brick by Brick

As Trump prototype walls are assessed and my back garden wall remains work in progress, penned this little poem....

Brick by Brick

 I got some bricks, cement and sand

With water, trowel, a plotting line.

Thought of how to turn my hand

To leave a symbol of something fine.


I had my patch, could build so tall,

Keep to myself my piece of space.

I could build a monstrous wa...

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Auditory Hallucinations

Her galaxy is speckled with wormholes

Bridging throughout her universe

Cosmic energy flows to and from

Relaying messages within it’s radio waves

Thoughts, feelings, memories, ideas

Full conversations that only she can hear

Believing that they are really there

Believing in the possibility

Needing to believe

A source of comfort is all it is

So that when she is ready


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Also by Miranda Fegan:

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Still it beats

To a heart to another heart 

Even if we stay apart 

Please don't stop beating ever 

Remember me in every rhyme

For my heart still beats for you

Your the only one it longs to hear


Even if a storm stops me in my path

Makes it hard even for me to breathe

Still let it beat hard

Remember me for a little more while

Till all darkness grasp me from my sight

It will st...

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When they gave him the Nobel Peace Award

"The first coloured president of the super power of the world"

The headline of every newspaper around, proudly said these words.

I wasn't sensible enough at the time to actually read between the lines

But I thought that this was supposed to be good, the world was finally moving to the right side!

But now I know that there are two sides of a coin,

The head and the tail are opposites ...

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Also by Sidra Shahid:

Wedding Night - what it will be for me | Ode to my upper eye lid | 'That' girl! | Some Facts About Myself |

Befriending Fear

Fear comes in different forms.

Fear of love.
Fear of pain.
Fear of failure.

One day you overcome it like a true Olympian. Another day, it arrives on your doorstep ringing the bell unceasingly until it deafens your ears.

Fear of attraction.
Fear of lust.
Fear of judgment.

And you never want to hear it again. You hide. You run away. Beneath the sheets of a stifling world. Behind the ...

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As the New Year arrives for us to greet, 

Keep this resolution in your mind:

With the ongoing opportunities we will meet...

Whenever we can - let us be KIND!


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Also by M.C. Newberry:

THOUGHTS AT CHRISTMAS - a seasonal re-post | CHRISTMAS SNOW - Instrumental - recorded by Pete Dymond | THE ENGLISH KNOW | THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS |

Just because...

Just because they had a fight,
Just because that couple couldn't get along,
Just because he had a big mouth,
Just because he couldn't stop,
This is how things are now,
The way things always were,
The way things always will be.

(This short poem explains how certain things/events may shape one's future...the future that has already been one's kismet!) 

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Like the young my wonder is lit afresh

As I caress the passing trees untouched. 

Howbeit with speed and force we are set, 

the loose portraits weave a comfort so plush. 

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Also by Tyler Newsom:

(untitled) |

Lost in the woods

As i walk through the path that i saw

A light had lead me to somewhere i don't know

I tried to be strong  and i kept walking

The light is slowly fading and darkness flowed

I felt loneliness. And Sorrow

The light that i followed abandonned me


I kept walking, i felt cold

I passed to a crowed 

They saw me trembling

But no one cared


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Also by meya:

Blanket |

Xmass (wrap the box)

Wrap the box

Fold the sox

Hang the decks

Iron yer kecks


Oh Jesus Lord above

bless this land

bestow your love


Merry berry

Jingle cherry

Holly folly

Fill with stuff

Your shopping trolly.


Tommy etc


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Arms folded | Who holds the pen writes the truth | Suspect |

The end of a week

The light from the bed-stand lamp shone onto your hair

It was a wheat field at sunset, it was an empty clay field in New Mexico

With its saturated yellows, blacks and reds. I brushed my fingers across the plain.

I felt the grain brush and twist between my fingers.


You pushed your back closer to my chest and sighed happiness

And I continued to memorize every detail of the moment


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The Race

So here we are, all done 

At the finish line of a race hard run 

A race that no one would ever choose

But once in, one that we just couldn’t lose

Never alone along the way

Always together, in step, come what may

A journey to discover what’s real in life

To realise what we’re truly all about 

What we’re made of as man and wife

What shapes our hearts, shapes our souls


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While the Salvation Army Band Played On

While the Salvation Army Band Played On

It could have been the 1870s
You’d be forgiven
For thinking it was a different time,
Hymns and carols playing
While the poor folk wait in line

While we rush around Christmas shopping
Wrapped up in our 
'Not a minute to spare' lives,
Those who have little or nothing
Cower in doorways out of sight

No feeling of Christmas spirit
No festive che...

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You will never see how you hurt me

when you can't even tell me you love me;

when you don't feel the same things i do;

when you can't love me like i love you;

when i can't see a sparkle in your eyes everytime you look at me;

when i can't find that smile on your face;

when i can't feel the warmth of your hand on mine;

when i can't feel your kiss on my cheek;

when i can't reme...

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Also by Sarah Lockhart:

Gone |

Butterfly Kisses

Small, subtle, barely there, and ever so slight. 
Were the precious flutters I felt first tonight.
Faint waves of hello, I am here, feel my touch.
I knew then, darling, I adored you so much.
Ten fingers, ten toes, what colour are your eyes?
Will you sleep calm and sweet, or wake me with your cries?
Such questions left unanswered, our time tainted from the start.
My lost little one, you'll r...

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Lasting Impressions

First impressions are really important 

Always being at the very forefront 

Of all that we ever think about

envision, imagine, or sometimes doubt

Will they actually be impressed with me?

or am I obsessed with the fears of failing 

Like a boat in the breeze I’m sailing

But water leaks in and I’m bailing

to stay afloat as I need to survive

make an impression and show I’m a...

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Also by Rick Varden:

The Difference a Day Makes | The boy in short trousers | Acts of Human Kindness | SIGNS OF CHRISTMAS | The Loneliness of the long distance shopping trolley | My 12 Days of Christmas |




We used to raid the freezer

in that dirty garage but cement

and dust made him cough.


His mother was a puritan;

he'd sniff and splutter when upset,

dance defiant on the car roof

then run off to town

giving her two fingers.


Winter mornings across ice,

spitting steamy gobs

through a face-hole in wool

with pale knees shivering

out of coa...

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Also by john short:


Kidnaping Santa Claus

    Frost rich in the cold
    another change in season
    shifts acoss the lake 
    snow deep in pattered language
    draped across early Christmas Morn
    atomised in shackled light

    Another year looking over the fences
    callng out across the heavens
    decoding the landscape in celberation
    carving ice fillgres on the lake 
    reliving Christmas with a huge smile

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No title

Wish you well this Christmas

with lots and lots of this mus

an orgy lasting all next year

of chocolate cake and ginger beer.

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Just smile, love

For it's a new day.

Bright and warm.

Let it wash away

The stress of yesterday.

Smile, dear one.

Experience the joy

That comes with the evening.

Quiet and pure.

Let the peace fill you.

Smile for there is

No better time to be alive.


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Also by Dakota Steffen:

Saved | Hero | What To Do |




 is not yet an old soul. Such apprenticeship has not yet begun.

Studiously she watches as you cite your second hand wisdom. 

Bested by her innocence,  such familiar nostalgia withers like the thick layer of dust it hides beneath.

Shaken and bruised like brine against an ice cube,  the vermouth of your ideals is poured into an ill fitting glass.

Left feeling dirty you turn to d...

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Shehebreak upself loathingheartbreaksplitheartacherevaluationgrowth

The Furthest You Can Get

How far down can people get . How far to see the end . The end to all their troubles . How far to let them mend . They say Believe . Believe in What . A kind word hear or have we forgot . How much trouble has been caused . How much trouble when being Abused . How much light to light a fuse . And how much hurt when being accused . When all you have done is love . 

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Merry Christmas to all on write out loud | When The Sun Shines | Grooming Gangs | BELITTLED | The Penine Way | Agression |


Karen into the psychiatrist did go.

" I'm having a problem with my husband called Jo,

He's insane and thinks he's a chick !

Its driving me mad,please do something quick !"


"How long has the problem existed ?"

"A year, to complain I  resisted ."

"Why didn't you bring him in before?"

"To be honest we sold his eggs door to door."


"Methinks you should both remain here...

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Also by hugh:

The Snow |

Losing You

Losing you hit a nerve that I thought could never be hit

pain that can never heal, pain that will never go away 

tears that will never stop, or hurt that will never heal

memories that will never go away 

Losing you made me realize that you was my world

no one could ever take your place

never fill in your shoes

love me like you did

Losing you was an eye opener

knowing lif...

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Maybe I love you

It fills an empty space in my chest I can't congest you made me feel easy no contest 

 My swollen feet can tell the rest

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

Distorted | Breathe | Me too | Lost | New |

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