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A Safe Place To Land

Open to a, “trust fall,” but unsure of the catching hand, 
Knowing that I must fall and hope for a safe place to land,
I will place my trust in you though not knowing if you’ll catch me,
But I’m falling anyway, though failing would dispatch me,
The depths of love unrequited wait to swallow me whole, 
Unless above, we’re united by your arms that catch me as I fall, 
But either way I’m falling...

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Ashes on concrete

Break yr own heart..

In a rush of silence, in a rush of violence.  

Without apprehension, no comprehension.  

Cognitive dissonance, dominance, homonyms, adjectives, selective placement

Build bridges,

write memes, 

come up with schemes....

past traffic stops, run from the cops..  


Darling I love yr earrings, 

with a hint of shimmer and shine..

.. like the glassy l...

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Also by Pagan Poetry:

Bread n' Butter |

Only a Week

Only a Week


The microcosm of one week's events

stand out in all the events of history

A glimspe of a few days in time

echo their sounds to the present day

a rapturous welcome of a King

as joyful souls sing their praises

The same souls who within a week

shouted Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

Was such caprice so well condensed

so human as to mood and moment

The preva...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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The “Tourons” Great Day Out

Touron........A tourist who unfortunately also happens to be a moron!

The “Tourons” made up a picnic
of their favourite food and drink
They brought along everything from home
except the kitchen sink

Bags bursting with goodies
enough to see them through the day
They left behind the empty packaging
for others to throw away

Taking much effort to pack everything
their stomachs desired

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Sylvan Hope

tones of wooded sprouting leaves
sing the measure of the trees

they festive lift, and rustle, clap,
or silent sway, filled with sap

gorged and sated, a jewel they glow
the color of the sign to go

full of chlorophyll, the grass
screams of life as through stained-glass

filling up with greenhouse gas
while oxygen to us they pass

surrounding us with vital health
vegetation is eart...

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friends of the earthgreen planetphysical health

Kosovo crucified

A vanishing life along these cobbled streets,       
endless grey days of August in the Balkans
At heart my Orthodox soul grieves               
for these long centuries of despair           
and for all the bodies that were left there.

Landless, we were robbed by the Turks,
our churches smashed, 
our daughters raped 
our sons taken as Janniseries
to return to us as the sultan's savages...

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Also by John E Marks:

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All the knots untied

The doors opened wide

Unlocked everything 

Destiny is changing

Angels are chasing

With goodness and mercy

A reward for patience

Award winning situation

My time has finally come

All heaven sent gifts

Arrived right on time

With a grateful heart

I grab all my heavenly prize

Generations shall reap

Benefits from what I did sow

Now all go...

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I think
therefore I am

a declaration said
for all to understand

with that said
we must cautiously expand

turns out it's not important
that I am.



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A Women's Catharsis

I want to breathe

I want to cry

I want to live

I want to die

I want to stay out til' 7am

I want a boy that's heaven sent

I want a house

I want a car

I want to travel

But not too far

I want to laugh

I don't want to think

I want to pour myself a big fat drink

I want to dance

I want to fight

I want to see your face in morning light

I want to jump into t...

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Also by Genevieve:

The Feminist Friend |

#feminism#love #romance #poem#secret#shortpoems#women #poem


a bad lady's fallen down,

I bend to tender succour,

lean, quite ravaged now,

she used to be a looker


rheumy eye meets mine

sees me for an old lover

I ring for an ambulance

my raincoat for a cover


beyond speech, staring,

I stroke her grimy hand,

crowd standing apart, a

motley but curious band


she tries to speak, but

uttering merely tears,


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bag ladycollapselovermemoriessiren

Exquisite branches

Blooms from the barbed branches

halt the steps of the busiest 

if you are not exquisite, 

why anyone want to smell ,

When you were born the luckiest. 

No one loiter to eulogise the branch

you grown from, does it make sense 

the beautiful dark thing curated 

only to highlight your presence. 






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Also by Nazia Khan:

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Bright welcome sun,

new April month with

ripples on the lake – so

sorry to have forsaken

you during these rather

disquieting times. Our


nowadays are brighter

than before as optimism

grows. I have been on the

telephone to house bound

friends – helping to retain

our sanity –  in a microscopic


way it aided me as well – to

shelve disturbing thought...

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When Lenny swallowed a penny

Lenny a three year old,was in distress,he'd swallowed a penny,

Fortunately this sort of thing doesn't happen to many.

To alleviate  the little lad's  fear,

Dad pretended to pull a penny from  Lenny's ear

In a flash the penny was grabbed and swallowed by the lad,

Who delightfully demanded,"Do it again dad !"


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Now That There Are No More Words To Hurl

Now that there are no more words to hurl,
And silence stalks the corridors of my world...
I think of all the things I could have said,
Instead of all the things I did to hurt you.
So now that all that angry fire has left,
And raindrops on the window only mirror tears I've shed,
I sit and watch blurred raindrops fall,
And where you sat, no-one sits instead.

Now that there are no more card...

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early poemimaginary relationshipslove's tempest

The undertow

Tangled with sorrow 

Mellowed with self pity

An endless knot 

With no purpose in sight 

An no viable option

Cut the knots 

An Irreversible consequence

A state of infinity

Just know 

There is always a way 

To create a new destiny

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Also by Cody Roach:

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Defunct flies lay clenched

tight as fists, webs hung low

near holy statues positioned

to ensure she'd go to heaven.

I nosed my uncles' rooms

while they were out at work,

broke open dog-ends, tasted

gold strands, sweet at first

but bitter in the throat.


She sang rebellion as her sponge

slopped from bucket to floor,

argued in the bare-bricked ...

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Freckled Shoulders

The red dust of Mars settles on my heart,

only her will can stop the thrashing of cymbals that call me to her.

Every cascade of flaxen strength undermines the facade of purity

but the tilt of her smile will resound everpresent.

Ablazen are her cobalt eyes, I draw strength from their tranquility

she could not know the foundation she raises the pyre of my love,

the freckled shoulde...

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When you left, you took a piece of my heart

When you left, my whole world came tumbling down

I became so lost

I was left in the dark

You took with you my light 

When you left, I learned to fight

I learned to navigate this world without you by my side

I learned to be strong to no longer rely on your love

You thought I was weak,

For feeling too much

Now, you're the one ...

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The mantlepiece memorabilia

stand at attention, salute

and await marching orders 

from the commandant of memory, 

ready to parade gauzed-over 

truths, a panoply of sibilant

echoes, from times jubilant

or dreadful, like a 

mischievous missive from

all that's missing... 

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

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astrology (03/30/2021)

aspirated dews
cast cold , and pale
precipitate of wanton whiles
by the nape
of your neck

caught breathless
in midst-step:

off balance in static
the bright charge of greyn eyes
and a coy, knowing curl,
a shift in the ether
rousing in wake
soft-lashed and comfort-quiet trembles

replete with the distant kiss of brambles

and it feels

that it can't be as far...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

the comments section (03/23/2021) |

this is where tags should go

First Christmas

One whole year's

time emptied

Like lace leaves


From the cold trees

Skeletal wisps

You are missing 

attic tinsel 


Boxed deep and dusting

With bristles flaking

From the broken spine

So no silver lines 

Our crisp, black-branched pine.

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Who could you touch, cuddle or kiss?
The world had seen nothing like this.
Harrowing warnings everyday on TV.
Dig into your past, any regrets to see?

Victims became 'lepers' to our shame.
A witch hunt went on to pin the blame.
People became defensive or often lie.
The dirty tabloids felt the need to pry.

Victims coaxed to hide away in a shelł
To get through it alone, their living hell...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

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Do Not Disturb

she was sent in to wake the beast

knowing there would be consequences

the door she opened

her heart racing as to leave her chest

step by step his bed she approached

unleash the demons was her demand

a touch so light had no effect

her heart beat louder

as she attempted again

not to be disturbed

asleep he remained

with the courage she had left

a shake is what she ...

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Also by Nicholette Baye:

Burning Gold | Sunshine & Rainbows |

brotherdark agesdemonsdo not disturbdrug poemsnot enough


I’ve often heard cynics deride the efforts of environmental campaigners like Greenpeace or XR for their personal hypocrisy; or for ridiculing a little teenage girl by, predominantly, white middle aged men, for drawing their attention to the issue.  “How did they travel to their protest, then?”.  “Who made their clothes?”.  “Didn’t she fly to the States?”.  Criticisms which miss the point completel...

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Also by John Coopey:


Container Ships

The world still needs container ships

to travel down the shipping highways.

but when they make these trading trips

it’s better not to try it sideways.

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Container Ships | Lockdown Hair | Bill the Bard | Limbo |

Tears in the Time of Covid

You come unbidden into my life

An unwanted house-guest

Arriving without invitation


Silent tears, now so often just a breath away

Creeping in, unseen from beyond the darkness

Wrapping my shoulders with hollow grief


Inhabiting the edges of my days

Nurturing melancholy, the friend of tears

An unwelcome companion, who remains too long


Stirred by some imprint, ...

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Also by Brenda Wells:

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End of the Line

Is this the end of the line
Have we run out of road this time
Are we still living with lies
Or are these thoughts all in my mind
My hearts forever aching
I feel there’s love inside
But it’s hard to show emotions
It’s so much easier to hide

So is this the end of the line
Or are we both just being blind
Do we just need to make time
Instead of leaving ‘us’ behind
I know the paths not ea...

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Also by curiousdud3:

Trapped in my mind |

Sons and Lovers



The horny-handed sons of toil

Roll up their sleeves and till the soil.

They function as a perfect foil

For lovers, hidden in the trees,

Who cool with pleasure in the breeze,

In huddles which nobody sees.


They wander later back to home,

Each one tired from their labours;

Here they will subsist as neighbours,

Friends, dispensing valued favours,

Gossips, s...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

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Django woke slowly as the heavy dusk closed in,

Framed within a simple deal window. The street below

Began to quieten. Stray comments wafted from the inn;

Across the way drinkers cursed the gathering, drifting snow

As he lay in semi-wakefulness. The dying sun flicked

A parting salute along the cobbled roadway, her crimson

Painting its gaudy standards in fairground red. ...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

The Dark Land | The Train Won't Wait |

A night in hell

A night in hell


Awaken in the middle of the night

To Satan tapping on my door

I can see his haunting shadows

On my bedroom floor

As he nears closer

I can feel the heat

He brings with him deceit 

Only here to drag me through

The depths of hell

Casting upon me a poisonous spell

Fighting for my life

Just to be defeated

Yelling out

Why is this being repea...

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Also by yaminah zurita:

A glorious day | Show me Your Love |


There is a sense of silence within...

As the cacophony around continues...

I experienced a heartwrenching feeling...

And it got my brain reeling...

The fear of disconnect..

Because you haven't been able to connect...

Created a sense of vaccum...

Poured in all kinds of gloom...

What ifs took centre stage..

And my thoughts and feelings felt trapped in a cage...

Life is ...

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Let’s Make Art Tonight

If I can’t take me at my best
you don’t serve me at your worst

or something like that
I can’t argue and make sense

at the same time
who does that


I don’t wanna fight
Let’s make art tonight 

we need a canvas as big 
as the city

supplies we 
don’t have any 

there are too many stories 
turn off the tv

I just wanna sculpt you 
With potatoes...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Comorbidities | In trouble | The Offended | Failing Biology | Blowing Back |


I've been writing a lot lately 
Nothing's been coming out
So what's been fine since I've not been fine
I know you have a mountain that I can't climb
I've been trying to mine mine
Maybe if you could look through the lines
You could understand I'm not lying anymore

How long until Suffocation becomes a pill
I know I'm dramatic all the time
I'm mellowing out like a fine wine
I still can't ...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

I Bet | Pesticide | Breathing | Going Back Home |

Lady Desiree

The object of my innermost desires

are neither abstract, theoretical, 

hypothetical, or borne out of delusion

No confusion exists in my thoughts at all

just Lady Desiree


At first sight, in a glint of morning light

I observed her flowing form, at which point

I think I was reborn, because my life became transformed for the better

Although I'd not had a tryst, I started


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Also by Rick Varden:

Forming the Arts | Springing Up |

Murder Made Easy

"Oh come and see the flowers in the garden," Molly said.

He went to look and when he did she smashed him in the head;

He fell into the waiting grave as dead as dead can be

And she quickly filled it up again and went and had her tea.

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Also by branwell kent:

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I'm on what's called an agenda bender -

I head unasked to join the action;

I'll be your ready and able attender

At any display of dissatisfaction


The media are fans of fakery

They're ready to make up stories

They'd see meat in a bakery!

(And they love to blame the Tories).


I watch the daily mainstream news

For the expected biased depiction

Of who did what - ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Starship Shining Love

Blind in seeing

what I should

opening gravitating eyes

starship shining love

moonbeams stirs rebirth

unknown night sky

reveals less dark.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Dentist, Doctor and getting to The Hospital | One Pink Rose equals another Day Without You | Set Your Sights then go for The Kill | Can't Put It Down | Whiter Than White |

Super Moon tonight

Just Puppets Attached By The Strings Of Emotions And Thoughts


A fish can't resist the water anymore than I can resist my feelings and emotions.



There's a Caligula and a Nero in everyone, if only I could find the right words to bring them out.



I am haunted by my fathers cock, by the beauty and power of it.



The flowering meadows of meloncholic devotion bloom the drunken perfume of tears.




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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Everlasting Impermanence | Trusting the Deceitful |


You broke me

You entered my dark side
you broke me for no reason
you all threw one spear
on my velvet soul
you made my sad sky
you put it over my head
you took my air and water
you put my heart to sleep
not to feel pain
in small pieces
you have broken me mercilessly,
and I will close my eyes
and I will forgive as always.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

Macedonian sky | Passion flake | All the Lights of the World |

I want to live in a retirement village

I want to live in a retirement village


I want to live in a retirement village

So I can reside in an elderly community

Affordable living, disability access, a garden gnome

And endless opportunity


Oh the dream, to have a little unit 

Purpose built for practicality

Close to a park and the local shops

What wonderful amenity


I want my big event of the day


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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

My trauma sees your trauma |


No one every says 

"It's what I've always dreamed about"

It's always about the fame and the fortune,

about the millions of fans.

Who can get the first stalker,

Or the most followers on Instagram.

Always taking everything for granted,

Always taking advantage.

No one really cares about you when their up on that stage.

So don't go chasing dreams you dont really mean,


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Lie is been feed like food Truth finds its way beneath the mattress Knowledge of thought has taught me some thoughts Where the gate of trust has gone beyond extinction Where is the dog? Sent by a clone of truthful liars Answering the name like Lie Mohammad Preaching earthly food for heavenly thoughts Teni told me he had bountiful of flowers But some flowers are not filamentous and orn...

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Also by Chinwendu C.E Rays:


A Song Of Meritocracy


Was there ever a level playing field,
children gambolling everywhere like lambs?
I often dream of this version of paradise 
being reclaimed.

Because now I have been urged and prodded
up my own towering, fragile-looking ladder.
apparently everbody has one,
apparently the sky's the limit.

I began afraid of the height
afraid of the indifferent elements
but thought this is how it mu...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Grandpa Poem


Love is something everyone has towards you, For they, too, understand the complexity of you.

Experience is the foundation for your knowledge.

And yet, you still serve cold porridge.

Grandpa, Anger does not influence you, Ignorance does not play you.

And you do not wish for fame, As you have understood, life is a game.

Oh Grandpa, humble and intricate.

I cannot imagine...

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Also by Ihsan Speaks:

Farmers Poem | Social media poem | Work from Home Poem | (untitled) |


Hard Times

When will we see the clear blue sky again?

All living in a frightful fog of fear, always

remembering the long lorryloads of coffins,

avoiding and even distrusting ever familiar faces.

Where might they have been?

Who might they have been with?

What might they have touched?

Shopping become a hazardous trolleytrip,

checkout girl now avoiding eye contact,

worried that a wisp...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Beauty is a fickle beast. |


That was a coincidence

Eyes gazing with innocence

You sitting on the top deck

A tide sweeping over my neck


The timings were just perfect

What more did you expect?

Always tried to be nice to you

You don’t give a shit, its true


Tried reaching out to you on social media

It is not rocket science or encyclopaedia

Holding onto your gifts since November

Your arr...

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Also by Aisha Suleman:

Boom Boom Boom | Chloe Morgan | Arrogance |

Where Do We Go

Cluelessly age we chase,

Into youth we stumbled.

Have we had life compass,

We would figure it out.

Had it been simple,

We’d have done it.

Have it been short,

We’d reached there.

Had we known where,

We would head there.

Now that we do not,

Where do we go?

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Also by Lucas Chihinga:

The Herts I won | Places We've Been | Young |


Father's fell in the ages of stones ,

Then I was given names by companions .

In me there grew a pain none could see ,

As I watched back in the days ,

Others were bought Christmas gifts ,

While I sat back ,with burning wishes 


I recall slowly ,the path itself was a war 

With that little hope I grew, daily.

Everyday storms would sneak in the little shelter that Momma gav...

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Also by Parizo Van Thulare:



Long distance love affair

Long distance love affair   GLA   2021-03-27


Everyone’s on line to find the sweetheart of their dreams. They don’t really know who they’re talking to, they might not be quite who they seem.  They might just take all of your money, so don’t get too involved.                                                                     So take care because you’d better beware of a                     ...

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Thoughts of failure,

Searching for some inner strength.

Spiralling, as emotions start feeling tense. 


(Why can’t anyone see she’s broken and needs someone to save her?)


As her skin grows paler,

State of mind fades frailer,

Followed by the random outburst of erratic “unexplainable” behaviour.


She never quite found her saviour; hope gone so she finally picked up t...

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