how to escape this maze?

its fiendish endless turns

daylight fades into night

each star shining yearns


she led me by the nose

foxed my clueless radar

adrift on a pond of doubt

no hint of the North star


abets my rush then turn

laughs at each blind sally

sneers at my geography

each old dead-end alley


how did it come to this?

no escaping the sorrow

will they find me prone

on the frosty morrow?


or will chance free me

someone hear my cry

am I to break out free,

or to despond and die?


my mistress has the key

lodgekeeper at the gate

hear her mocking sneer

at my self-inflicted fate


for we built this labyrinth

although at her behest

passion into purgatory

her marriage love-nest






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<Deleted User> (28781)

Mon 1st Mar 2021 16:07


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