She wore sensible shoes

featured on her Plain Jane website.

Other props included a lollipop and plaits,

twenty denier stockings and a tweed skirt. 


Her pendulous breasts came to rest on her lap

and with legs crossed she looked the part,

the phone never stopped ringing,

a backlog arose.


She wore sensible shoes,

an idea picked up from a district nurse.


Her clientele were in the main sympathetic

but insisted on being caned whilst shackled;

many other diversions were catered for. 

Her rates were competitive

keenly priced considering her expenses. 


These facts were all related to the court

by a witness and friend

while describing the events leading up

to the lady's untimely end. 




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Mon 10th May 2021 22:49

Thanks Jennifer, -just crawling back again sorry for the delay. I'm afraid Mum's the word on this lady's demise, but I see you are considering options. It's all a bit Hitchcock ain't it?


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jennifer Malden

Sun 2nd May 2021 18:37

Liked this Ray! Might be an idea to get some form of 'employment' with so many women out of a job cos of Covid. Was she strangled with a lisle stocking, or beaten to death with the shoes?


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Wed 31st Mar 2021 12:44

Thanks you for the like Stephen G.

Stephen, the only witness is my lurid imagination !

A bit of a conundrum Mark!


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 27th Mar 2021 14:16

Sounds like the tale of an "accessory before, during and after the act". 😙

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 26th Mar 2021 16:48

The witness being you Ray? 😉

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