Crack The Beams

Crack the beams across the roof of the nether worlds dark halls,
Open up the foul lair of demons as they claw the walls,
Let them rake their fingernails across the rocks until they bleed, 
Let them scream in angry wails at broken souls on which they feed, 
Let them stare me in the eye and bare their yellow teeth, 
Let them dare with every breath to brave the world that lies beneath, 
Let them fan the raging flames with the fury of their cries, 
Then let them see defiant anger written in my eyes,
For I would walk through hell for you, if ever you were lost,
And growl in demons faces, regardless of the cost, 
Though I am but mere mortal, I’d fight and find my way through, 
For they cannot have my soul if it belongs to you, 
So scream foul agents of the pit as you never have before,
But if you scream in my face know, into yours I will roar,
And though I am not fearless, I’ll brush aside your scaly wings, 
For my shield will be love, the greatest of all things. 


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Jason Bayliss

Tue 30th Mar 2021 07:39

Thanks Keith, I wanted to express how deep true love can be and how fiercely we fight for something so precious. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

J. x

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keith jeffries

Mon 29th Mar 2021 18:55

A poem to make one sit up with recharged batteries. A bracing piece of poetry with a vocabulary well chosen. Highly expressive. I enjoyed this.
Thank you


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