Daily Lesson In Maths

The news these days is either plus or minus
There is no neutral or in between
The main topic for the last year
Has been about the pandemic, Covid-19 

They report the total of daily deaths
The patients in a hospital bed
The amount given their vaccination 
And to how many the virus has spread

The virus mutates and multiplies
This effects it’s transmission and strength 
And the population is divided
Vaccine percentages discussed at length

Huge numbers flash up on our screens
All represented in charts and graphs
This past year the news, plus or minus
Has become a daily lesson in maths 


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 5th Mar 2021 17:47

Yes, "do the math" has never been more appropriate. Or fruitless.

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julie callaghan

Thu 4th Mar 2021 19:03

Thanks for the likes folks.

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Thu 4th Mar 2021 06:54

The virus is a maths destruction, I've nothing more to add.

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