Be Love

When the world offers nothing but lacerations?
Be a, “Knife,” a knife cannot cut itself, 
When the fires of Hell are your perturbations?
Be a, “Flame,” a flame cannot burn itself, 
When the vitriol of others threatens to consume you?
Be a, “Mouth,” a mouth cannot eat itself,
When the icy waters of isolation threaten to drown you, 
Be, “Water,” water cannot drown itself, 
But most importantly be an, “Ear,”
An ear can hear the beating of your own heart as well as others, 
Be a, “Shoulder,” and offer it to be cried upon by your sisters and brothers,
Be a, “Rock.” Though true enough, even this will erode in time, 
Be patient, be forgiving, be a friend, be kind,
And hold love in your heart, it is the only true eternal thing,
It will last beyond life’s trials, pain and suffering, 
Beyond the cuts, smothered breaths and blisters from the burning pyre,
Let love heal your wounds and shield you from the fire.

◄ Goodbye Old Friend



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Jason Bayliss

Mon 22nd Mar 2021 21:03

Thanks Jennifer, and thank you Stephen, really pleased you liked it. I've felt like I've lost my mojo just recently, l really wasn't sure about this, so your comments are gratefully received and thank you so much. ❤❤

J. x

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 22nd Mar 2021 16:18

Yes, it is an absolute joy to read.

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jennifer Malden

Sun 21st Mar 2021 19:18

Really brilliant, and so appropriate for these dire times, when one really feels the need for an ear, a shoulder and a rock. Not so easy to find when we are so many in trouble or if not in trouble, stressed and anxious at very least.


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