I'm A Believer

Death is the end of all things
Death is the end of pain and blame and shame,
of sun, of rain, of work, of play
Death is the end of night and day
It brings each one of us, the same,
to the end of everything.

I say Death is the end of all things
So we need to know that's where we go
Whether we want to, yea or no,
It is what existence always shows
No matter what else life may bring,
Death brings us the end of everything.

Believe what you want to believe.
Achieve what you want to achieve.
Yet "You don't take it with you when you go"
Is only half of what you should know
Because you'll also leave yourself behind
At the end of your time.

Yes, Death is the end of all things
But for what it is worth
Realising there's no peace in Heaven
Might help us find peace on Earth.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 22:36

Thank you for commenting Rudyard, Though there are many sources of light the universe between those lights is a dark place, and this poem certainly touches on some dark concepts. However sometimes by accepting the darkness we can relax in it. I'm sorry that you found it difficult but I am very happy that you shared your opinion. I'm glad that you survived the poem as I wouldn't want to be responsible for ending your life and preventing all the poems you haven't written yet from reaching the world. ?

<Deleted User> (27399)

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 21:57

Nice at the beginning but towards the end i tend to kill myself. It does something to me and i hate it. Maybe its okay. Maybe more.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 20:40

Thank you for your comment Stephen. I've no idea how life as we know it and life forms as we know them came to be and function, nor do I know how death as we think of it or even as anybody thinks of it could be and function - it is all far beyond my ken. But, I do think there's a very good chance that it might not be exactly what anyone expects and so I suppose I should just hope that it will be 'as good or better than expected' for everyone, whatever they believe in.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 17:35

A very interesting poem. All the same, I want to cling to the hope that something remains. Perhaps I expect too much.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 1st Mar 2021 16:42

Thank you for reading and commenting Kristian Deidre, Nigel Astell, and M.C. Newberry. In different ways you are each tuning into and commenting about thoughts of posterity and there's a few more meditative poems coming soon about that theme, I hope you will enjoy them.

Nigel I have a poem specifically about poetic posterity which your poem reminds me of too but it might take longer before I post it since I am focussing on meditations first.

Thanks also to everyone who has clicked 'Like' for this poem.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 1st Mar 2021 12:36

A very sound reminder of doing the best we can while we're here on
this Earth of ours. Think of our presence as a qualification for an
onward move beyond mortality. The body may be weak but the
spirit lives on - defined by our efforts in life and their legacy to others.
Poets of whatever origin and aim can leave something for others
who follow - and so it goes down the years.

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Nigel Astell

Mon 1st Mar 2021 11:17

When death comes
to the poet
the poems left
will live on.

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Kristian Deidre Brown

Mon 1st Mar 2021 04:31

Aviva, your words are beautiful!!
I especially loved the emphasis on considering not what we will take with us, but on what we will leave behind ?
Thank you for sharing!

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 1st Mar 2021 01:56

I'm a believer, but my beliefs are uniquely crafted. Just because my beliefs centre in my own understanding of life and the world as I know it doesn't mean that I don't have beliefs.

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