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Grandpa Poem


Love is something everyone has towards you, For they, too, understand the complexity of you.

Experience is the foundation for your knowledge.

And yet, you still serve cold porridge.

Grandpa, Anger does not influence you, Ignorance does not play you.

And you do not wish for fame, As you have understood, life is a game.

Oh Grandpa, humble and intricate.

I cannot imagine...

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Farmers Poem


Farmers are our armors against hunger,

People who collect veggies and fruits, Not people who are posh or dress in suits.

We use them to our advantage And don't consider their heritage.

Farmers are our singers of nature, People who are underpaid, They are the people who should have a parade.

They pick our every grain, With dedication, sweat, and pain.

Farmers, we picture them as...

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Social media poem


Social media, Where do I start?

Constantly beeping, buzzing or shouting, “Watch me! Don’t go on an outing!”

Friends on the screen are rising up, Yet your feeling, inside, is an empty cup.

Social media, What positives can you choose?

You can, receive instant news, Marketing has big hopes, Racism has curled, Truth is unfurled.

So my message is to use the tool wisely And make it a...

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Social mediasocial-media

Work from Home Poem

Work from home, Finally, I can roam,

From room-to-room, And use zoom.

Organized & clean, or untidy and dense,

I will set up an office of low expense,

Children fighting in between Yet, you can’t be bothered to intervene.

Drinking coffee when I want There is no can and can’t.

Past methods are getting old, So, I invent and be bold. I know I can succeed, At taking the lead,

And al...

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work from homeworking

Granny, A person with no surprise

Playing board-games and eating rice

I step onto a creaky board And see a bunch of mice, While I carry a hoard.

Yet with all the complaints and all the issues

I still hand her a tissue and watch her eyes glow with such pride

As she is still a granny Though a treasure trove to many

by Ihsan k.

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In Remembrance of GrandmagrandmaGrandmother

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