Of All People


Of all the people I know

I am the dumbest

I compensate by inserting humor

where there is not much understanding

I am quick on my feet

but slow of mind

many things are over my head

so when I am in deep water

I ride the current

stay away from snags

I hide my ineptness skillfully

so no one knows the real truth

I get away with it

because no one wants to hurt my feelings

they take pity on me instead

and pet me on the head

knowing that there is something missing

and that a screw is loose

thank goodness for good people

with screw drivers.





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jennifer Malden

Sat 6th Mar 2021 21:09

Don't believe a word of it! If you were unscrewed (carpentry version) you wouldn't be so funny.


A Girl

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 09:49

It can’t be that bad !

<Deleted User> (28781)

Mon 1st Mar 2021 16:05

Humorous 😀


Mon 1st Mar 2021 13:13

Tighten me up
before I get too loose.

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