A Safe Place To Land

Open to a, “trust fall,” but unsure of the catching hand, 
Knowing that I must fall and hope for a safe place to land,
I will place my trust in you though not knowing if you’ll catch me,
But I’m falling anyway, though failing would dispatch me,
The depths of love unrequited wait to swallow me whole, 
Unless above, we’re united by your arms that catch me as I fall, 
But either way I’m falling, because I have no choice, 
Drawn in by momentum and the softness of your voice, 
And if you catch me not? I know the fall will never end,
And to the depths I’ll sink, but that risk I will take my friend, 
For in my heart there burns so hot, a raging fire for you, 
And either you will quench it, or the depths of ocean blue.

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