Trapped in my mind

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Ask me no questions
I’ll tell you no lies
A hidden hurt 
Behind a disguise
A pain that's trapped way deep within
A world that's locked with no way in
Mixed emotions float through an empty space
Years and years just gone to waste
Living behind a fractured mask
Haunted within from a troubled past
Trying to scream to let it all out
Trying to cling to the slightest hope
Constantly fighting and hoping to win
Trying to talk, but don't know where to begin
Ask me to talk and I just shut it all out
My defence mechanism whenever there’s doubt
If I feel pushed then the barriers come up
Closing tighter and tighter and starting to crush
All in a panic, just wanting to run
All in denial of the hurt I have done
Muddled emotions all locked in the mind
They say be true to oneself and try to be kind
Acceptance is key to keep moving on
If you can find peace at last then this battle is won
But it’s hard to accept
I just can't find the key
Till I take my last breath
I just think this is ‘me’.

© curiousdud3 03/2021

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Tue 6th Apr 2021 07:44

Thanks for the feedback Keith, much appreciated ❤️

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keith jeffries

Tue 23rd Mar 2021 14:24

A poem from the heart of inner searching and anguish from the past. The poem has a raw content but engenders compassion. Honesty is at the fore.

Well written and direct.
Thank you for this

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