Rengoku 煉獄

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Why was I brought into purgatory?

I took my life hoping death would be the final end to my story. 


When will the purification process begin? 

I’m tired of being punished for my previous life ruled by cardinal sins. 


I feel like I’ve been here for centuries,

Stuck in a sempiternal loop tormented by past melancholic memories.

Whilst the fire slowly purges my soul, 

I await rebirth to become once again pure and whole. 


How did I fall so far from Grace?

Twenty-six years in hell and now met with this frightful fate.  

Dia Goddo I ask you forgive me for my past mistakes,

Show your benevolence by relieving me from this pitiful place. 



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keith jeffries

Wed 10th Mar 2021 12:54

This poem conjures up well a description of purgatory but only if one believes in such a place. The evidence is scant. Surely a loving and forgiving God would not subject us to such torment simply to see Him face to face. A poem which provokes thought and many different conclusions will be reached. Well written with a strange appeal.
Thank you for this


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Nazia Khan

Wed 10th Mar 2021 11:02

?? it's desolating not to cure the pain even in afterlife. It's beautifully penned. I love it

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Your Royal Poetess

Wed 10th Mar 2021 10:12

Artwork by: Zakuro Aoyama ?

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