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It was us at jolly times ,

It was us at cloud nine ,

Back then when we minded not to got out bare feeted 

And satisfy the needs of hearts ,

skin cracked ,with no shirts ,

Even though we knew the consequences of tunes we were going sing right at the arrival home ,

We didn't care .


Back then we shared the good'O big times with friends and half my cousins ,

We shared...

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What if the heaven we are told about doesn't exist, 

What if it's a place we see only in our dreams.

Who has ever went there and came back? 

Who has ever seen hell with his naked eyes? 


What if we are not scared of death 

We are scared of losing all the things we are used to.

Waking up surrounded by oceans, 

And Sharing this world with the loved ones


What if, 


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Father's fell in the ages of stones ,

Then I was given names by companions .

In me there grew a pain none could see ,

As I watched back in the days ,

Others were bought Christmas gifts ,

While I sat back ,with burning wishes 


I recall slowly ,the path itself was a war 

With that little hope I grew, daily.

Everyday storms would sneak in the little shelter that Momma gav...

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Too many pains that i've endured ,

Caused by family and friends ,the people i loved 

Too many tears I've spared in my heart ,

For what day i dont know ,

But i thought i was brave really .


I was a turned a tool here at south ,

I was turned a fool in the middle of west,

Instead of spitting such fire i kept it myself .


I've seen the non-seenable ,

The de...

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Spirit lead the way ,

I'm ready to swim into the depths of the bay ,

And cast my play ,

Let me not be like Ray .

I have a price to pay .

I am ready .


In the darkest hours you showed me light ,

In the sorrow times you gave me strength .

Into me you came unaware,

Yet I'm ready .

No fears shall mess my destiny .

Nor shears to stop me .

Spirit ,take me deep int...

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