The rhythm of a dream

I stumble into my usual discontented   
bout  of sleep -  
a fragment of the fourth dimension
traps my insides inside an echo of a dream –
time, like the river Lethe,washes over me,
I am left bereft, left to float upon the river of unmindfulness
towards the golden dome which glows with synesthetic force –           
a pulsating kaleidoscope of times –     present-future-past –
flashes fast across the retina –
entering my sleeping, ever-wakeful mind,
like shards of jagged, coloured glass,
splinters of a scream      roll in
upon the tides of sight and sound, smell, touch and taste 
and rush me towards these myriad-grains of translucent sand
mingling with the rain that never dries.

Beneath the silvery moon lies                    
The man-who-never-dies.


The multi-verse within

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The speech of angels ►


Kevin T.S. Tan

Mon 29th Mar 2021 21:40

This is quite the trip. Recommend anyone to read it with the music.

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John Marks

Mon 29th Mar 2021 21:20

Thank you kindly Holden and dear Kevin.
有情饮水饱,无情食饭饥— With love, water is enough; without love, food doesn’t satisfy.

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