Close The Door

Close the door to all the pain
It will not help you.

Shut out all the rage
It will exhaust you.

Think your thoughts again
But try not to descend
Into turmoil.

Because you've so much to do
To ease your mind.

And how you'll do it
To decide.

And if you're going to begin
You can only do it
One thought at a time. 

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A Girl

Fri 12th Mar 2021 17:32

Hi Aviva,

Thank you so much for sharing your view. I appreciate that.
I am more like „have a good cry and some ice cream” type of girl. Usually in the morning things look brighter. I guess every person has their own way of dealing with difficulties. Thank you for telling me about yours.


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Fri 12th Mar 2021 16:57

Thank you for your comment A Girl, and I most certainly do not mind you sharing your thoughts, at all, I promise.

It is perfectly OK if you don't relate to this poem, or don't get the same vibes from it that I found in it. I want to respond to the statements you made but I hope you won't feel obliged or pressured to change your thoughts about the concepts in the poem if I do.

Emotions are a bit like guests in our brain, in that we can let them in and we can block them from coming in or staying (if we know how). And a bit like guests, we have some sort of expectation of how they should behave - if a guest starts spraying graffiti on your walls or slashing your sofa (or sometimes even less extreme unwanted behaviour) then you wouldn't let them stay. Also, even if a guest is wanted but they insist on visiting with their whole family, all their friends, and everyone they met on the way until the whole home is crowded then again, they might not be invited to visit any more. Or if they are not numerous or badly behaved but just there so often that other guests can't visit... So, perhaps these emotions behaved better in your brain than they've done in mine ?

But, about that feeling of being scared at the idea of closing the door on these sort of feelings, I have to say that I can really relate to it, and though I've no idea if it is for the same reasons, for quite some time I would have refused and did refuse to close the door on the intrusive and damaging feelings either - and for me it was because... well, these feelings tend to come to us connected to our feelings of self-worth, which is to say, we feel emotional pain and rage when something has happened against what we feel we deserve, and so to say we shouldn't feel such emotions might seem to be saying don't value yourself.. but if those emotions behave in your brain as they did in mine, then valuing yourself means rescuing your brain from being held hostage in your own body. Other actions to prove how much you value yourself (to yourself and to whomever might have triggered the feelings) can be done even more easily without those emotions overwhelming you.

And this poem, along with one I'm posting tomorrow, were the turning point for me.

A Girl

Fri 12th Mar 2021 14:04

For some reason, the thought of closing the door on all those feelings you wrote about Aviva, scares me.

... I probably just don’t get your poem.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing.

AG ?

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