His New Partner

he went home for the weekend

on a trial run before his release

wife, welcome with open arms

love and tenderness and peace


soon she changed acted strange

face turned to bones and wrath

body sank into itself, a shadow,

clothes turned to stinking cloth


she taunted him and sniggered

old issues raised painful heads

conflict in his mind, confusion,

they ended in separate beds


perhaps stop it and kill her off?

why not suggest a suicide pact?

could not live without her, yet

did he have the nerve, the tact?


on returning Monday morning

muttering about that evil wife

they fasted him before electric

shocks, needed to save his life


ten years Selwyn had grieved

since the death of his wife Sue

dpression his nagging partner

the horror of psychosis, new



depressionelectric shockspsychosissuicide pact

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