Some Days I Have A Tale To Tell

Every day I attempt to create a little poem or write
it is left online for others to read anytime, day or night

What is printed and shared can never be unseen or unread
it could stay there for ever, maybe, long after I am dead

Some days it is best, if I don't share my story this way
when I don't care to be reminded of the events of the day

Most days I just write down the thoughts in my head
some days I have a tale to tell but choose to write a different one instead

So, I write about good days that are mostly happy and bright
and how I count my blessings in sweet dreams and sleep peacefully at night

I don't write about the stuff, I don't want others to know
I don't want to reveal all, like some TV reality show

Some people are quite happy, to share all their troubles and woes
divulge their deep, dark secrets and thoughts, all the highs and the lows

When I read one of my poems from a time that has passed by
they often they bring a smile but occasionally they make me cry

A poem can take me back to a particular moment in time
a place, a face, a memory, captured in riddle and rhyme

In my blog you will read of days that are mostly happy and bright, and of
how I count my blessings in sweet dreams and sleep peacefully at night

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julie callaghan

Sat 6th Mar 2021 18:43

Thanks you for the likes, Hugh, A Girl, Aviva, Dean, Holden and Stephen A, Thank you for your kind comment.

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 6th Mar 2021 18:18

Lovely stuff Julie. 🌈

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