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When he said there are no words

I knew he told the truth,

and love poured in to heal the wound

where words would try to help.


I know you can't describe a gap

in lives so badly rent,

but nothing's lost that's truly learned

and lessons taught when truly earned

to help by kind consent.  


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Also by ray pool:


Seeing the light

I watch from

The height of obscurity 

Looking down,

not god like.Simply I, 

gazing from reclusion 

Towered in the sky,


the whole world before me

painted to the horizon;

Pressed against the glass

Unaware of my touch

Upon the latch

Of the caress

I feel as loneliness 

I wonder of life 

How vacant am I.

To open that window

And let my life fly....

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Baying | Death of a doll | They step |

John Cooper Clarke

He was a poet when it wasn't fashionable to be a poet.

When has it ever been fashionable ?

He took to the stage in a working men's club in the North

Where the audience were waiting for heavy metal and strippers.

And he came on, so skinny,

Big dark glasses and Bob Dylan hair.

And the working men threw bottles at him there

And booed him off the stage.

But still he returned wi...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Loving The Enemy | Birds | Free Love | In The Tower | The Laughter Artist |


entry picture

The current obsession with gin

worries me;

My inherent memory sparks unease

with whiffs

of 17th century Protestants

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Also by J R Harris:

The Lady at Scholes | The Landscape Gardener and the Chap on the Telly | I Can't Paint, I can Paint | The Yellow-Bellied Idles (Homage to J. Milton Hayes) |


entry picture




My life 

My love 

My blueish~green 

turtle dove 

I had to set you free 

And you flew far

away from me

and then you

had left me






©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on June 30,2018 



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Also by Chiari Warrior Soldier:

She's Pure Country | Fear~Fear | I'm Not Afraid | Flirting With Death | Love Me The Same | ?The Fire In Your Eye's? | Secrets Inside | How Could You Miss Something You Never Had? | Holding Your Tiny Hands {Cody} | She Misses Him Badly | Walk A Mile In My Shoe's | Your Sparkle | He Is A Mystery | His Whisper's In My Ear | Nothing Last Forever | I Am Always Going To Be Missing You | Death Warrant | I Don't Fear Death | Timeless Temptation | Life's Expectations | Executed By You | Once | His Love |

One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryquoteTina Gloverwriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

( )

I can go about my day

The headphones in my ears

Keep the thoughts at bay

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Also by Chunks and Marrow:

Post-apologetic |

With an illusion

entry picture

With an illusion

Saturday, June 30, 2018

9:12 PM


we live with an illusion 

there is no confusion at all

it is the tendency to wait for the miracle

and avoid the struggle 


we are a total failure 

and still, want to make it sure

that despite our being dishonest

everything must be seen as the best


the world is same

but we claim

the safe place with...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

In friend circle | Best mean | Great dissimilarity | Life angle | Wrong or right | The danger to the society | Kind gesture towards | Guilty mind | Hand in hand | Response |  Tears fall… Love you, dad | Thank God and think | Visible lines | I wait for | The world may hear | Dark coudds | Poets never die | No moral ground | Strong resentment | Given call | Collective responsibility | True observance | Little difficult | Real an angel | Decent farewell | Steady presentation | Total peace in the mind | Normal human life | Safe in arms | The human quality | Mental arrogance |


mediterranean august

Hot curry scent of helichrysum

rosemary, myrtyle and lavender

flaunting scarlet bougainvillea

darkly shadowed by umbrella pines.

Colourful butterfly windsurf sails

zigzagging across the turquoise bay

watched through dark glasses.

Small orange and cobalt fishing boats

riding motionless on glittering

flawless transparent emerald glass.

Golden sunbaked body lying limp


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Who breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel?

In that first perfect summer, that summer of love

when rifles bloomed and we turned on

and so nearly dropped out

in that year we met

and in the sun

we loved

despite clouds

that threatened us

and sought to break our love

a sad weight of parental love turned on

our first perfect summer, our first summer of love

In that first perfect summer, that summer of love


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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Time | The Bench | 39 | When... | Wind Dance | Llyfnant 2  | Llyfnant |

1967divisionloveparentssummer of love

To all you writers and poets out there


To all you writers and poets out there.


Thank you for your words of courage, 

words of truth,

words of encouragement

and nourishment.

Thank you for your solidarity,

for lifting us up.


Thank you for breaking ground,

cutting the edge,

standing on that soapbox 

with daring and drive,

having the nerve to shout out

what many ...

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Also by Janey Colbourne:

Culture | Canaries in the Mine | Still 23 | Mama |

#inspirationCreative Sharingcreativitygratitudepoetswriting

In this universe what is the image of a moment and how long does it last.

Spot : https://youtu.be/DshiMBVD_FU this documentary realates many ways with my poem which will hopefully help understand on the title of this poem. Hope you like both.

spot of life : spot of time spot of colour: spot of music.SPOT

A poem holds the story;
words find the right note
meeting of just a moment 
heart ...

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Also by steve james:

(untitled) |

Firefly// No One Likes Hair Metal Anyway

Firefly it seems that I can't get enough of you
Can you catch me under and steal my breath
Can I give you high on my love
And have you sink into every word I say

It seems that I can't get enough of you
Can I make you numb to the depression
may I taste you just one more time
Why don't you believe me I truly love you

Can I wake you up to the monsoon
That's outside your window
I want to...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Some people just don't know how to enjoy being sick...

entry picture

Not thinking is fun

It makes me a bum

I like to be a bum

A bum having fun

Not thinking


Ergh, oooh, errr, umhrm

I'm not mad

Because I don't care

The world spins

Money is spent

The world has a dent

I do not care


You're only in trouble if you think you are

You're only a failure if you think you are


I'm gonna think I'm in the clouds

Watching ...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Short and Nameless | Including Sue | Back to the time my folks died in a fire |


just thinking

entry picture

just thinking

what i only remember

casting shadows away, just a few
with my only feelings that are left, they pass..

can't look  i'll just go this way  just keep me thinking 
undermining thoughts come back  that rest to stay

the fire is bright  emotions sway and given with delight

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Also by Wood:

Black Moths | The Ballad of a Birds Soul | Red Cape | Arranged Verse | That is not All | Mayhem June | Billow of May |


I feel faint; cannot breathe

in this goddamn heat

that it's weird that my body cannot sweat

and I'm left with a headache.


There was no time to swim; to save my life

but I drank fluids to keep away from burning

and stayed in the shade until I

was safely inside with cool air.


Created on June 29, 2018

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Also by Asher Sanders:

I might do it again because I | a song for you | The Marks | A Sinner's Confession |

Storms and Sorrows

He stands in the rain

soaked to the skin 

wondering where in the world she has been.

A girl sits on the floor,

leaning on a cabinet,

writing a letter to someone she knows probably won't read it.

She's safe inside,

he's out in the rain.

He walks away,

willing to try another day.

She walks out into the storm,

not wanting those inside to see her cry.

She does a lot...

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Also by Elle Shaine:

Alone in Her Agony | Think | Forbidden Love (Part 1) |

Hold on tight, it’s a rocky ride

All aboard the rollercoaster
strap yourselves in and begin the ride.

Hold firm and think of those,
who try to listen and speak
without prejudice.

It is something of which they can be proud.

They do not hide behind a fake smile
or an ignorant grin
but are open, honest and vulnerable, too.

Attempting to ward off the shallow words
flung back at them in a attempt
to curtail and sile...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

I know | Fallen angel | Down, but not out | An empty house, a full life | Product fury | Fear and Wonder | Life |



entry picture


Ours was a tidal relationship,

It ebbed and flowed

Over hidden shipwrecks,

Sometimes calm,

Sometimes smashing defences,

Opening cuts on beaches

Then healing them

With the soothing sand

That fills each wound.


Ours was an unsteady relationship,

Seaweed covered driftwood

Slid beneath our feet

As we slipped and stumbled

Over the flots...

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poetryseaWelsh Poets.David Subacchi

The depth of love

On the surface lies a smile,
A sparkle in one’s eye.
The feeling that in their company
Time just rushes by.

A little deeper and you’ll find
Butterflies a swarming
Concentration disappears
But thoughts of them are warming

Deeper still into one’s bones
A yearning and an ache,
A drug-like dependency
One simply can’t forsake.

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butterfliesLoveyoung love

Autobiography (seems to be a theme on WOL at the moment)

I am that woman who does yoga

Then sits on the beach

Eating oranges and writing poetry

I am that woman who watches her weight

Then takes the grand kids

For pizza and icecream on Friday evening

I am that woman who listens to TED talks

And checks out youtube

For mindfulness, shamanism and grannies dancing.

I am that woman who is an almost vegan

And (you guessed already)


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Also by Hazel ettridge:

The other C word | Mothers Pride | One of those weird unexpected moments | Comfort | In the Garden Again | The Oyster | Almost a Prayer | The C Word | Fight |


I caught a glimpse of goatsuckers

At dusk the other night,

Appearing as twin phantoms in the

Murky forest light.

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Also by John Coopey:


Butterfly poem/11

A nd now the time to fly, 

Had arrived again, 

As she stepped out of her 


Ready to soar to the blue sky, 

She thought of him 

And wished him well 

For in the rainbows 

Of forgiveness, 

She needed to let him go 

In order to breathe and travel again 

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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

Butterfly Poem /"doors | Butterfly Poem 10 | Butterfly Poem 9 /music ? | Butterflypoem/8 earth angels | Butterfly. POEM 7/midsummers | Butterfly Poem 6/Natasha | Butterfly Poem 5/Raquel | Butterfly Poem 4/ Natasha | Butterfly Poem 3/doors | Butterfly Poem 2 | Ownership /Butterfly Poem 1 | Peace | Runner | As I listen | Stories | Shine Bright |

The Last Shanty


From packet and clipper, from Royal destroyer,

with prayer and with hymn

and a rum-drenched Amen,                                                                              

goodbye to the matelot and captain;

so long to the boatswain and master.

We're chanting to ease up the passing.


The last one is sung in a million tongues.

Grief-soaked and lonesome

haul hard...

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Also by Laura Taylor:

Mavis |

The Wall of Prejudice

The Wall of Prejudice


Their smile is warm and reassuring

well rehearsed and convincingly given

But behind this veneer is a dark wall

which conceals a true and sinister identity


To be in a minority is seen as not to conform

to pose a threat and challenge the norm

Muslim, black, gay or zoroastrian

the beaming smile remains the same


The smile is false, rooted...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Cast into outer Darkness | Restoration | Destitute | Brought Low | Withdrawl | The Waiting Room | Inside the Ambulance | The Streets of London | The Rainbow Arc | The Lone Driver | The Videomatic Tutor | Put down | The Wicked Witch | A Summer Ramble |

MIWTKBIH(memories I want to keep but it hurts)

You said that you can get over anything if you got over me 
But you did dirtt to so why everything being held over me 
I get you over me 
You don’t want nothing to do with me 
You graduated from me 
This gon sound selfish but I thought you really loved me
Yeah I left but I never stopped loving you 
Whenever you was going through something I was always there for you 
I’m not even gonna try ...

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Also by Dontaves Wiggs:

Soon | IAS(I Ain’t Shit) | They hate | Thoughts | Never |


entry picture

Knowing the knowledge of man is like testing the wielder man, growing and gripping from grass that causes a liquor of liquid. •••• To those who love plant, will tell the benefit of the incubant everywhere in the farm, having a rotating mind to wind up a standing fan. •••• The sick will pick the dreak, living the falling leaves to in astray in a mouldy train. Having a believe in the shabby...

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Also by Chinwendu C.E Rays:

An Elegy | Vanquish | No one else | Volcano | NIGHT FALL | MY GOVERNOR <poem> **Dedicated to Gov. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu** By: Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays | PRISON OF PALACE | MR LITTLE | No work, No school | LOVERS USED TO DREAM | All shouting, too much rain! |

Biography ...



".. and show me another plot of land where

just for a moment I dawdled and losing sight

of you let go your hand ... show me that fooprint.

.. we pass this way but once, you took nothing

with you, and so I , with tears, and regret,  pursue

the same path, the space you left.

There are no words, you carried them with you,

four hundred sunsets, there, we counted them...

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Oh love of mine, 
I hope that you are fine. 
I miss you so, 
My love for you will always grow. 
This is just a little message for you to know, 
That I wish to kiss you in the snow.
Oh love of mine, 
I love you so much more than you know ?

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Also by Zulfa Snyders:

My school poem |


entry picture

Amidst the jealousy,

so many hopes,

these desires are the one,

which don't let this belief to mop.

Desires of granny,

and aspirations of nanny,

has inspirred me,

to see big dreams many.

Unprecedented respect,

of this fearless soul,

gives immense power,

to avoid the fall.

Life's ultimate goal,

is not astute pleasure,

rather its to seek,

the unlimited hid...

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Suddenly this morning

I was without care

When without warning

We passed on the stair.


Daylight was dawning

And my mind was elsewhere

Busily yawning

When I saw you there.


Now sadness I'm scorning

And I long to share

The heart that's adorning

This love-stricken stare.


So - every morning

I dash down the stair

Hoping the dawning

Will see you ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



They are not away;

they stay close to me.

They are not lost;

they live in me.

They have not forgot,

nor forsaken me.

Just a branch is cut

to save the tree.

To live happily

they've set me free.

I am ready to accept

the fate's decree.

Just a tiny wish

that in happy times,

may they look back in life

and think of me.

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Also by Binte Afroz:

Requital |

The you and me...

entry picture

 Since this is the way it's going to be,

I'll sum it all up with poetry...

Where do I even start explaining the way I feel?

I just keep telling myself: this can't be happening, this isn't real.

In my heart it seems there is a sudden void.

You built me up, only to break me down; now everything appears destroyed.

My life's orbit has suddenly stopped- where do I go from here?

I g...

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Also by Xandaria:

When Will You Stop? | Twisted love | A broken girl... |

loveLove lost

Transatlantic Verses - online open mic

entry picture

I am hosting an online open mic using Zoom.us conferencing software beginning at 7 pm (UK time) on 1 July 2018. We will use Zoom.us teleconferencing software (meeting ID 260-756-986) and take turns reading our poems out as you would in a physical open mic. With luck, we will have a few poets from Britain and a few from the US as well. If people join from other countries, that is even better, but t...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Ode to Eve Libertine | Slave to the Algorithm | Living in the Future |

onlineOpen MicpoetrySpoken Word poetry

Thought of a restless mind.

As I grow, I see many places to live by
I see the true nature of life,
On how doll and peaceful it can be.
But what is life without sorrow?
What is life without dreams of the melancholic soul? 

Just a thought of a restless mind. 


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Also by G.N.D.:

I need you |


Knock Knock

You and your trust issues

Me and mine

You have your fears

And your doubts

About me

And I have mine


But every time

We try to rationalize

And prove to each other

That the pieces don't fit

The sentences get left



Back and forth

Like whiplash

Seeing how far I'll go

Until I look back

Keeping me comfortable

At a distance



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Also by Jara Giner:

The Snake |


The Black Big Top

The start is the end of a long sleepless night,

A new day's light is the bell, next round of the fight

"Today's going to be different", echoes a heavy pillowed head,

You've heard this lie before from the soapbox of your bed,


You know who you are, you've lived through each day,

The context of those comments?? "What did they say?!",

That really doesn't sound like the 'me' that...

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Also by John Prior:

Last Times... | Manchester to Me. |

depressionmanic depression

You Came Back

You came back into my life

and I honestly felt relieved 

but some part of me felt deceived

I had no way to deal with our past

When you came walking in

I could hear the change in your voice

I almost felt the need to rejoice

But you had no intention of revisiting our past 

It all happened so unexpectedly and fast

I blinked and suddenly you were gone.



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Even in the night she writes


She lies in her bed, her electric blanket on
The lights are off, she is warmer than the sun
She likes it this way, it helps her forget 
That her sunshine is not ready for her yet

He struggles on his own, stressing alone
The walls he is trying so hard to shatter
Are still standing tall, towering and strong 
He feels like his attempts don't matter

When he sleeps, she stays awake

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Also by Alonelymouse:

Problems with the Pedestal | Imagine a world | Mind's own darkness |


What does the world have on us?

lets set ourselves free

we're under this fake world's shadow, indeed!

i keep asking how can the sun keep shining after going down the sea

but the real question is why do people scream when they have to sing

or why they blink when its beautiful outside and some wind 

why do we breathe the lies but really its the oxygen we need

having to understan...

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On Heptonstall Moor

entry picture

He was fourteen

she thirty four

but that did not matter

as they went up together

onto Heptonstall Moor


He the pupil

he that she taught

each day in school

and that Sunday morning

on Heptonstall Moor


He a child

in the eyes of the law

She made him a man

in those erotic few hours

on Heptonstall Moor


She was voracious

demanding much more


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Also by Brian Maryon:

Tina + VAT | Herman's Hermits | Conversation at Silverstone | Kemo Sabe | What's he doing there? | The Auditors | Those Goals | Something For The Weekend? | The New WOPs | Not Chuffed | Tina! | It's Starting to Grate | The Six Hundred | More Dogshit (Requested by Hazel E. ) | Disloyalty? | Hunger Pangs | I Make No Apologies... | At The Food Bank | Team Building Day | Service Charge! | Tower of Babel |

Gun like a flower

You don’t know me.
The time is gone
for you and for me,
but with this gun in your hand
you see the future
of your illness mind.
Call me by my name
and kill me after that.
Maybe in your eyes
I can write my happiness
and give you for the rest of your life
a peaceful victory.
We could die together
but who keeps alive
our memories
in this world,
the only world
that can exist?
My mist...

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When You Pass

My one and only love, I hate when you pass.

I hate when you exist without me, I’m losing out.

Though never mine...never will be mine

I’m with someone new, again. Someone who is nothing like you, again.

I have no choice than to make the best of what I get when I am with you

You share what is behind your eyes with everyone

When the month is here, I will no longer be able to hold on...

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Also by Evan Marcs:

Formal Intermission | An Argument For the Times | (untitled) | You Figure It Out. | (untitled) | You know, I know, We know. Don’t they know? |


I would not say this heart is hungry
I dare not say this heart is heavy
I only know now, a surer sense of all I want
a clearer description of what will fire
the drive, the rush, the love in me

If we're not going out tonight
then can we just sit and giggle
at each other, at the TV, at the others
can she laugh with me, make fun of me
until we have tears in our eyes, can’t breathe

When ...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

Morning Mellow | My Body Gets In The Way | Pocketful of Rain |


A Wound That Never Heals

entry picture

A Wound That Never Heals


It hurts me

when a you shaped hole

appears in the cosmos,

where there is

an absence of colour,

where the sound

scrapes along,

where the light

is masked by

dense grey mist.


That’s where

I miss you

the most.


When it rains

a greasy rain,

when the cracked bell


when the planets

are misaligned.



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Also by Ian Whiteley:

There Are No Angels Here | Strange Fruit |


All these many ill-fated days

entry picture

Well I wove the rope and I picked the spot
Well I struck out my neck and I tightened the knot
O stranger, stranger, Im near out of time

Richard Thompson


This is no country for young men

Men who will not bend to every fashion and whim

Men who cannot abide the gig economy, zero hours contracts

All Thatcher's legacy, a poisoned chalice.

Men do not like being lectured to, hec...

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Also by John E Marks:

Mid-summer Eve | Meet on the Edge. | Troubadour | Oxbow lake | Flotsam |

Gathering Clouds

We could be


from crumpling


but atmospheres

are tempered

and all the weathers



I don't want to stay

and await the flood:

there is already

in your face

a rain that will not

soon be dried.

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Lioness Laura

Dedicated,  without her knowledge or permission, to Laura Taylor, who gave me the desire to write and perform and the kick up the arse to actually do so.

Lioness Laura (Waitrose staff room Jun '18)

Lioness Laura, she Roars

Fury and Rage fly off the page

Venom and Grit, Bile and Spit

She's a voice of a certain age


Lioness Laura, she Purrs

with Mercy and Charm, Beguiling a...

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Also by "Call Me Graham" (Graham McKay-Smith):

I Want a Mechanical Elephant |


Cookie Lucky

Cookie Lucky

There goes a cookie

I'm feeling lucky!

Observed the RAF aircrew

When the huge bomb blew

An explosive filled dustbin

Made of little more than tin

Killing more damned Germans

The blame was all Herman's

Sending the Krauts to Hell

Sound of the final bell

Dead in their beds at night

What an awful Satanic fright

We gave them a real blitz

Enough to m...

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Defuse The Bombs | Biscuits | Choice Made |


Kitchen Clutter

Into the kitchen, surrounded by clutter

Crumb-covered plate sitting next to the butter

Coffee stained mug at the edge of the sink

Put on the kettle to make me a drink


Dust-dotted gadgets lie dormant, unused

Wearily waiting in vain to be used

Bottles of wine in the half-empty rack

Patiently wait for the corkscrew’s attack


Deafened by silence that echoes so loud


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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Please Hold |

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