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Holding Your Tiny Hands {Cody}

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{Holding Your Tiny Hands}{Cody} 



My dearest son,


I remember when you was born at 12:30 p.m. December 17 


And then the doctor's laid you on my chest and as I wrapped you up in my arms and kissing your small tiny hands and face as the happy tears flowed down my cheeks 


And then I started to count your small fingers and toes making sure all of them was there 


​​​​​​And then you barely opened your blue eyes seeing me your mommy for the first time before closed them because of the bright lights in the room 


And then a few minutes went by they had to rush you to the nursery because you was a small tiny premature baby and you was having difficulties breathing and then they put you on a CPAP machine to help you breath and they had your eyes covered so the light wouldn't hurt them and I saw you like this I was so scared to death as I dropped to my knees praying to God to heal my son so he could come off all those machines they had you on 


And then you was still in the hospital at Christmas time that year and the nurses put you into this huge stocking taking pictures of you to hang on your incubator so I could look at them as well 


And then January rolled around then I finally got to take you home with me and your older sister and I was so scared that I was going to do something wrong because I had to take care of you the way the nurses told me to because of you being a premature baby so I done what they said and you started growing like a little weed 


And then you got old enough to walk then you was always in the garage with paw-paw helping him work on cars and old model trucks but mostly getting dirty as I say


And then year's went by I started showing you how to cook and live off the land and hunting and fishing like people did a long time ago because it would be a great help if I taught you all these things for later on in your life 


And now your mama is so proud of you and the young man you've become as I tried my best with me being a single mother to teach you all the wisdom and knowledge you needed with the correct guidance 


But you know something my son I may have to actually look up at you because you are taller than me but even though I have to do that because I'm not that tall but you know what son you'll always be mamas baby boy 


Because son you have learned so much from me and I've also learned things from you and I cannot believe my son is a young man now and driving a automobile and working plus going to school and soon to graduate from school 


And it seems like yesterday I was holding your tiny hand so you wouldn't fall but I'll always be there to catch you if you do fall 


Because I know one day I would have to let my little man spread his wings to fly but son that day I didn't have a dry eye 


And Cody mama loves you my son 



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 28,2018 




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Tina Glover

Fri 29th Jun 2018 17:37

Yes Patrick it's precious and yet so beautiful and my son will always be wrapped in my arms while holding on tight and never letting my son go because he is my heart, my joy but it's sad because he is spreading his wing's to fly the nest to achieve more in his life but his mama will always be there day or night to protect him and guide him and also catch him when he falls or if he falls because that's a mother's love for her son... And also my son has a twin sister to but all my children are my heart and world without them I think I would go cuckoo lol... Because all my children are young adults now building a life for their future but this mama bear is always here for them all and let me thank you for reading it and leaving a nice comment on it! Please have a great day and take care of yourself Patrick... Until we chat again...

<Deleted User> (16099)

Thu 28th Jun 2018 18:29

Absolutely precious and beautiful something truly worth wrapping your arms around for a life time And holding on as tight as you can

<Deleted User> (16099)

Thu 28th Jun 2018 18:28

Absolutely precious and beautiful something truly worth wrapping your arms around for a life time And holding on as tight as you can

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Tina Glover

Thu 28th Jun 2018 17:59

Thank you Hannah and yes it's a story of courage, strength to let a son grow up and leave the nest but that's what all parents had to do but along the way we have memories of what they've done and what they haven't done to cherish for a lifetime but thank you for reading it I'm glad you liked it I appreciate your feedback on it!

<Deleted User> (18118)

Thu 28th Jun 2018 17:36

A story of courage and triumph.


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