?The Fire In Your Eye's?

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{?The Fire In Your Eye's?}


The fire in your

eyes covered my

soul devouring it

to the lasting drops

of it like good old

mountain spring

water on a hot 

summers day 


And as the fire grew

intense in my soul

for you and as the

day's washed away

into the longing

hours of the

lonely nights

while every

second of the

night made me

more vulnerable to

you and you was

constantly on my

mind with the

thoughts of that

hot burning fire 

of passion burning

brighter than the

midday sun in

these southern



Where I am

waiting at for

you to help burn

these fires out just

extinguishing them

for a moment and

then them coming

back hotter than

ever before until

we both have


devoured each


passionate human



And as it burns

hotter than ever

before so come

here my little

darling let me

fill every fantasy

and passion you

may require 


But I love the

fire burning in

your eyes for



And let the fires

burn in your eyes

for an eternity 

for you and I 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 28,2018

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