Death Warrant

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{Death Warrant}


I have an active

warrant for my

scheduled death

that has been

killing me slowly

and painfully since

the day I was

conceived inside of

my mother's womb 


And as these day's

fade into the darkest

longest hour's of the

lonely nightmares of

death lingering

around my sickened

weakened body until

I am a forgotten

chiari warrior 


And it always

seems that I am

always on the run

away from chiari

and my active

warrant that chiari

has already signed

sealed and ready to

be delivered but this

active fugitive is running

as long as I can to

escape my deadening

fate so my warrant

cannot be collected

until I say so and until I

decide that I am done

fighting my hellish

ride of sickness

that is a living

freaking nightmare

that I have to live

daily because I had

no choice in having

chiari or being

healthy with no

disease that has

invaded my life and

my mind and my

body as it's slowly

but surely killing me 


But I know that one

day my active death

warrant will be

collected one hundred

percent and they want

be a damn thing can

do to stop it but only

pray for God's hands

to heal me or collect

my active warrant

and this is liable to

expire any minute

now and there's not

a damn thing I can do

to stop it because

doctor's, scientists

and researchers and

universities are not

making a clear cut

break through on

finding us chiarians

a cure for what is

slowly killing us daily

as we all slip slowly

away like we was

never nothing to

body in the first





©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer February 21,2018 but posting here on June 24,2018 


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<Deleted User> (16099)

Mon 25th Jun 2018 19:47

I know there is nothing you comes out in everything you write if there is anything I can ever do please are not ever alone..

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