My Neighbor and His Leaf Umbrella

I'm lost in this world of unknown ways
Where the trees are loved we honor nature
I'm in this world of professionalism
Where nature is never respected

We've lost our rights to call each otherĀ 
Good children of the Earth
We have done nothing but spit in mother face
We have puked Industrialisation down her throat

For what an society that does not care about anyone
we are killing the one thing that gives us life
For fancy toys in backwards living
I'll let you have your coffee and donut

It's up to you to respect nature
Don't look at a tree and say all we have thousands of them
They're all special and they have their purpose
Don't let the Susuwatari bite

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Damon Blackery

Mon 25th Jun 2018 15:23

When it comes to anime I only like older stuff.

I love "In love with a Ghost" She is great.

This poem is about Shinto.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 25th Jun 2018 10:42

Ah Damon, I see you are "In love with a Ghost"

I often read your writing and occasionally find it beguiling.

I think the addition of the music here is helpful to induce the mood you might be seeking.

I am not a present day Weeaboo although I am familiar with some aspects of the attraction.

I do appreciate Japanese and Korean cinema though, both Animated and Human.

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