She's Pure Country

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{She's Pure Country}


She's a country

queen born and

raised in the south 


And she doesn't

have to have the

finer thing's in life

as long as she has

you that's alright by her 


And she has that

southern drawl that

drives men crazy 


And she loves to

go hunting, fishing,

mudding, rodeo

riding and she can

work on a car and

laud have mercy

she can bake and

cook anything you

want and she's not

this plain jane type

of woman  


And she's my

beautiful country

goddess and queen 


And I'm forever lucky

to have her by my

side for the rest

of my life


And she has long

hair past her booty

and she's has blue

eyes and the best

thing about her

she's a dang cutie

that I get to call all



And she never

asked for much

besides your

unconditional love

and respect and

that's what she'll get  


And as I write

these words to

and for my

country queen

she has my heart

and that's

something I'll

never regret

because she has

everything I've ever

wanted and needed

in this life and that's

why I thank God each

day for blessing me

with her my southern

country queen 


And she's beautiful


And she has wisdom

beyond her year's


And she's a conqueror 


And she's my hectic warrior 


And she's my

beautiful angel that

means more than

she thinks she does

to me and as we

have embarked on

a fairy tail journey

while building a

world and life with

more love than she'll

ever know as we grow

old together  


And we take it one

chapter at a time

until we have written

our own book of two

people loving each

other until the ending

of us but we have each

other now and we will

have each other for an



And all I do know is

that she has my heart,

my love deeply

embedded into her

soul and as I have

hers the same way

and we will never

regret or bear no

shame for this kind

of love in our lives

because we live and

we love and we shall

die together like the



And she's my

beautiful pure

country queen 




P.S.Thank you dear

for the inspiration!




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 29,2018 

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