Firefly//Sour Patch Kid 2

I think it's funny how

I've grown so fondly into your walls

I miss mistaken the blood running down your leg

As paint flowing down


How scared was I to find out

That you were as broken as I was

My heart decided to love you more

To a point where it could burst and light the night sky


For you are an angel

Haunted by the demons in your head

Pounding away at your psyche

I couldn't keep you safe


On that day I made you a promise

I would never leave you and I will always be here for you

Through the thick of it I'll wait here by the side of the road

Remembering the conversations that you told me


I remember that Thanksgiving like yesterday

You were so broken and it was tearing me apart

I wanted to dry your tears and cuddle you

I remember hugging you all that night I was never going to let go until you feel better


For you are an angel

No you may not have wings but in my eyes you are

Cherished, loved and always appreciated

Keep glowing Firefly and never forget I love you


P.S.Sour Patch Kid


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