Your Sparkle

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{Your Sparkle}



I love the way your

eyes dancing and

sparkle when you

laugh and giggle 




I love the way take

time out of your

day to ask if I'm

okay and when you

send me messages

that touches my

heart right from

the very start 




I love the way you

have opened my

heart to be able to

love again after I

was hurt and

cheated on so

many times now

but you wiped all

of those memories

away to create new

one's that I would

fall in love with

each time I

reread them 




I love the way

you snuggle and

cuddle me in your

arms when I'm

having a bad day 




I love that you run

your fingers through

my long hair making

me feel so relaxed

to where I could

drift off to another

solar system so we

could get lost into

the galaxies where

only me and you

remain because it's

timeless it's beautiful

and it's only for us

to share 



I love the way

you love me just

the way I am 




I love the way you

treat me like your

queen and your

heavenly goddess

from a distant godly

place where only

true lovers are

waiting to be found

like a beautiful

flower growing in

the wilderness and

in the meadows

just waiting for

you to picket them

and for you to

cherish and to

love unconditionally

without hesitation 





I love the way you

loveth me and I

adore the beautiful

sparkles in your

eyes because it's

like dancing sparkly

galaxies from a

million light years





I love the way you

are there by my

side when ever I

need you because

it doesn't matter if

you are busy you

will drop everything

to see if I'm alright 




I love the way you

{say my darling you

do know that I'll

always be here to

comfort your fears

away and just try to

ease any sickness and

pain from your body

day or night and I've

loved you from the

start and I'll love you

till the very end and

I love you for an

eternity because

without you I am

nothing because I

cannot see myself

without you because

you complete me

and you make me, me

and you make me a

better person and you

make me love fully

and completely with

my whole heart after

you healed it after it

has been broken apart

a million times by

others before you}

and it's my solemn

vow to love you for

the rest of my life

this I vow to you

and let no man or

woman take us





I'll always love the



sparkle in your

eyes that has my

heart fluttering like

the butterflies in

my stomach when

I think of you my

dearest darling

love of mine 





©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 26,2018

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Wed 27th Jun 2018 21:49


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Tina Glover

Wed 27th Jun 2018 20:55

Thank you Nicola Beckett and I'm glad you liked it and thank you for reading it and leaving me good feedback on this piece and may you have a wonderful day!

Nicola Beckett

Wed 27th Jun 2018 01:24

Absolutely wonderful x

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