A broken girl...

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She cried out for help but no one came, 
Once again they ignored her cry.
And now thanks to their deafened ears,
She took her life and choose to die.

She was never really heard or seen,
And still not one person cared.
No one though it would end this way,
No one thought that she would dare.

When they heard this girl was dead,
They all search for a face.
But they find is an empty seat,
Which used to be her place.

If only someone had smiled one,
That girl may still be here today.
Maybe if someone had spoken to her, 
She would have found her way.

But everyone was too self involved,
They couldn't give a damn about this girl.
And now thanks to their selfishness,
A broken girl has left this world.


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Sun 17th Jun 2018 07:47

Yes..he said that people couldn't care even a bit about her.
It sucks to know that someone died because of you.
I wrote this poem as a reminder of my best friend, Anu, who suicided on April 3rd this year. She wasn't cared for a lot, but she had people who loved her. She just didn't realize that she would devastate the people who loved her.
I miss her a lot.


Sat 16th Jun 2018 21:38

Wow a powerful poem!

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Sat 16th Jun 2018 14:40

Hi, this poem reminds me of Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why(book) because that's what Clay said when he didn't see Hannah the day after she died(sorry if it's a spoiler for any)???

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