Llyfnant 2 

version without the Welsh folklore


Under the yellow-green of sunlit beech

between banks of bluebells' hazy blue

where supple crosiers of new fern reach             

over verdant moss still damp with dew

a grassy lane runs beside the river


In the mystic quiet of a leafy dome

of grey bark ash, beech and mighty oak

a far cuckoo calls all walkers home

but we pass unseen by local folk

until a blackbird trill sings out to all


There are old bridges, old paths, old ways lost

among ancient trees and mossy stones;

the mouth of a roadside cave is passed

nearby, hovel stones that no one owns

tell of valley stories lost in ruins


Between the trees slim waterfalls cascade

over slate and wet-black rock: small things

of fast twisting, splashing, shining braid

pour from hidden tarn or bubbling springs;

and walls of moss cool drip to join the flow


In deep river pools great trout lie quiet

in still waters 'neath the surface flow

which leaves the pond in tumbling riot:

through channels carved many years ago

but still the crystal water etches on

ashbeechLlyfnant Valleymossoakriversstreamstreeswaterfallswoodsruinshistorytroutblackbirdcuckoo

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Stu Buck

Fri 8th Jun 2018 19:29

great chris although im a sucker for welsh folklore and the gorgeous written word so i prefer the original!

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