Executed By You

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{Executed By You}



It's strange how

it feels like I've

been executed by

you for so long now



Because in your

eyes I've done

everything wrong

but I haven't done

anything besides

loving you 


But I've paid my

faults and wrongs

and dues a billion

times over with you




But the truth of it is

that you want to

hurt me for the

thing's that wasn't

my fault or that I

had no control over




But I let you do this

to me until I have

seen the light

because I was

trapped in the cold

darkness waiting

for reality to open

my eyes wide open

to see the bright

shining light that

you barricaded

me from for so

long now 




Because I thought it

was the right thing

to do to let you make

yourself feel better

about yourself as

you are only hurting

and trying to destory

the one whom has

loved you all of

your life 




But as I was told

when I was a child

that it only gets

colder when you

are alone in the

end with no one to

call family or a

friend but some day

you will see how

cold and how lonely

it can be to die

alone with a so

called pretender

that swooped in out

of nowhere trying to

steal what was

never there's in the

first place but they

act like a thief in the

midnight hours of hell

that is so burning

cold that is a lonely

place that resides

in hell where I

will never dwell 



So mark my words

that I write to you

now because when

I'm gone it will be

your own fault



But you remember

when I'm gone that

I've always done

all I can to make

you happy and

make you feel that

unconditional love  



Because I will never

let you treat me

like this again in

this lifetime 




So I've tried and

tried but nothing I

do is never good

enough for you so

we live worlds

apart but so close

in our heart of hearts

that you want to

keep tearing apart

until it's unfixable

to mend back together 




But you are the

one who needs

to take some of

this blame instead

of blaming me but

you will never do

that because it's

not in your





So we stand

world's apart 




But so close to

each other's heart's

but never close

enough to grab to

and pull so close

inside of our heart

until it just simply

slips away from us

forever never to be

seen or heard of again 




As we pretend that

we don't know

each other

anymore because

that's the way

you make feel




Because you keep

trying to execute

me for everything

that you say I've

done wrong so

keep breaking my

heart completely

into like you

always do 



As I keep crying tears

over you my dear

until I feel like I'm

drowning in them

while I drift and slip

far away from you

in them like I never

meant anything to

you at all 






©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 11,2018 

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