I'm not going to heaven
People like me were meant to die young
Don't get me wrong I'd like to live a happy life with her
But I know them cards are out of the equation

I wish that this was just a phase 
That I could get through
But I've been like this since I was 5
I'm the product of an abused human

Who never got love and clarity 
At the end of the journey
The world's not a messed up place it's the people in it
Call me for being pessimistic but I know it's the truth

There is no good man
We're all some dark shade of grey that's selfish 
But we can love but that's why we're gray
Humankind was meant to be broken

◄ Cafe Blues/ space cowboy poem

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 19th Jun 2018 09:05

all the more reason to have some fun while you've got the chance . . . you only life once blah blah blah . . . ?

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