Tomato or Tomahto

The uncanny sounds of joyful laughing
When it's completely miserable inside
Is that what they call a life without cynicism
Society masturbation to depression
So just romance about my illness a little bit more
As you kick me on the ground and call me a freak
Say that you had a tough life as daddy buys you a new car
You've never when hungry and without electricity
When you see people like that you ask how could they live
Easy they take one day at a time
Learn to breathe before you start panicking
You don't need the internet to live
We was lucky to have pork beans and an egg
Your daddy bought you $50 steaks like it was nothing
The uncanny sounds of joyful laughing
Came from the thoughts of killing himself 
He never fit in a world that was only empty on the inside
So think before you throw them kicks
You never truly live until you die

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