Firefly//Better Than Heaven

I'll be here when you're insecure
And I'll be here to be your punching bag when you need it
Because there's not a thing I won't do for you
Beauty is not a word that describes you cause you're so much more

Firefly you're the only thing I've ever got right
You complete me in ways that you'll never know
You made me fear death for the first time
I want to be here to take care of all of your needs

I want to be here right next to you
It's so easily get lost in your voice
Because it's heaven but don't worry I'll still listen
Little lady you're the only thing I've ever got right in my life

So I'll stand by you and fight your demons off
Because you're not going alone when I'm by you
Not even Heaven can compare to you
That's why I'll walk through hell for you

I'd give my life up for you
Firefly I miss you so much
God I shouldn't say this
I love you and always will for infinity and a day


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