Wandering Wondering Thoughts

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Wandering Wondering Thoughts


My thoughts they wander round and round

And never do abate

They wonder what I'll do with them

And what will be their fate


They wonder if they might become

Jewels within a crown

Or discards on my mind-dump

And never more abound


Don Matthews March 2018


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Don Matthews

Fri 22nd Jun 2018 13:23

Yes you are correct my friend
I wunder where you are ?
No doubt you're wondering round the site
Miles and miles afar

I did notice the lower-case 'e'
A subperior form used by your Queen ?
I must admit it must be rare
This form I've never seen ?

But then again I could accept
A typo error here ?
I think you must remember not
To type while drinking beer


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Brian Maryon

Fri 22nd Jun 2018 08:08

They might be pronounced the same down there Don, but here in God's country using the Queen's english they are quite different.

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Don Matthews

Fri 22nd Jun 2018 00:46

Keith, Brian, Darren, Hayley - thankyou for liking this. It's interesting how a poem develops. It started simply with my fascination with wander and wonder, both pronounced the same. How could I put this to use ? Thoughts ? Yes. I was pleased with the end-product. Thankyou for your support


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Hayley Taylor

Thu 21st Jun 2018 21:03

love this poem, beautifully written

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