My crayons are so tedious
The lucent glaze is all but gone now
In its place a beckoning shell of memories
Upon the rising my sanctuary lays

We may not have colours now 
One day the overlining glow will be come back
The shell snap and releasing are mind into Nirvana
The capitalization of my mind will be overarching

For she will be by my side again
I will have a safe spot where the world cannot affect me
In love will pour from the chalices from Hera herself
I will always be here to protect her that's my oath

◄ My Neighbor and His Leaf Umbrella

Firefly//Better Than Heaven ►


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Tue 26th Jun 2018 10:10

Stay positive hun!!! That is the spirit! But don’t forget about yourself. Keep yourself happy, it is contagious you know 😘

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Damon Blackery

Tue 26th Jun 2018 09:10

Thank you Anya maybe one day she will come back😃

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Tue 26th Jun 2018 08:51

She is so lucky!!! And she doesn’t even realise that!!! Lots of girls would like to have a loyal man like you Damon. It’s very rare these days. X

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