I'm Not Afraid

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{I'm Not Afraid}


It's not dying

that I'm afraid

of it's about

never living in

the first place 


But I'm no

expert like



because he

would help

people escape

their living hell

when they was

on the edge of

death he just

helped it a long

much faster

than it doing

it naturally


And I'm not

the person

you'll ever

crave for 


Because I'm the

one you will

be wanting to

die for 


And I'm not

afraid of dying

because I'm

afraid of not

living in the

first place


Because we

cannot escape

death because

it's a part of

this life and

death cycle

because a

new born

baby is born

to start a new

life when a

elderly person

passes away

that's the

whole cycle of

life and it's





So don't be

scared that

death is

waiting for



But I'm not

afraid of

death I'm

afraid of not

never living

in the first





©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer August 11,2016 but posting here on June 29,2018


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