The Night Café

Running in fields of wheat 
To find where the wild things went
What is silly childish image I can put in your head
It was never part of the sheep jumping to sleep
It's more of a golden rule that we never live by
Rules were meant to be broken nothing is absolute
Nothing is meant to be just a line in your sand
And no line looks the same as yours
So take pride in that kid you're becoming a KitKat soon
Everyone knows the greedy corporations will love you for buying into it
It's harder for a rich man to get in the kingdom of heaven
The metaphor was it's like finding a needle in the haystack
Dear sir I saw the needles and gave them to the orphans around my town
So tell me my blasphemy isn't not okay
I'll tell you everyone deserves a chance of being happy
So lower your weapon I'm here for a hug and a kiss tonight
Maybe one day I'll show you how gone I'm not

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