What Do we Do with our Brian ?

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While you're in the darkness

Sleeping in you're bed

I am in the lightness

Creating in my head




Now Hazel and Colin and Anya

MC and John, also Ray

What are we to do with our Brian ?

It looks like his tent's pitched to stay


At times he doth speak with great wisdom

At others he spouteth wet rags

But one thing that's great about Brian

He never once, never twice brags


He crawls round the site like a spider

Looking for morsels to taste

Yum, there's one waiting from Hazel

Go get it Brian, don't let it waste


My friends in lines one and lines two

Will have known Brian longer than me

Although we are both 10,000 miles away

Our minds do interact playfully


Getting back to the bones of my poem

John posted 'saucy sue' on the site

It so blew Brian's mind that he had to

Go lie down, get sue out of sight


Regardless of age we all know gents

That pictures like sue causes stirring

But for oldies like us who are past it

It's cranial stirring I'm referring


It's you John what started this off

Causing Brian to lie down, go a'tremble

But fortunately for us he's recovered

Risen up, and begun reassemble


I think you would all agree with me

We need more like Brian on our site

To help push away all the dark clouds

And let more sun through – making bright


Don Matthews June 2018



Brian is a mischievous scallywag. Don't believe everything he says... But we like him


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◄ Karen Dalton Same Old Man 1971

Brian's Having Problems with Tina ►


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John Coopey

Mon 18th Jun 2018 14:07

Don’t blame me for Brian’s rubbish😀 I can write my own.

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 12:52

Brian drying up? what a laugh
I know you, it's not in your genes
If you get struck by this horrible fate
I'll know you've become a has-been

It's interesting he's trying to prove
That he's still got it in him to write
He's shot out about his Keith's Tina
And Thomas he's tracked on the site

I gotta get pen into action
Can't let him go run 'head of me
To go let UK beat an Aussie
Would be a catastrophe

DM 😎

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Brian Maryon

Fri 15th Jun 2018 08:22

Well, thanks Don and thanks all for your kind comments. Whilst it is flattering, it does nevertheless put me under extreme pressure to constantly produce work which Don can then use as material in his pieces. If I dry up, he dries up. Some might say less power to our elbows.

Thanks again.

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th Jun 2018 01:24

I like seeing the way your different personalities come out in your comments. I feel like an explorer into exciting unknown regions. You each give me pleasure in your own way. Thankyou

This one succeeded not because of a single effort by me but by the united effort and willingness of all of you to hop in and have a good time. (at the expense of our lovely Brian, who's providing material for me to release a part of me I have been wanting to for a long time)

Thankyou all (till the next episode)

Don 😎

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Hannah Collins

Thu 14th Jun 2018 19:17

Delightful poem Don, just like our Brian.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Jun 2018 17:27

Blimey, what a carry-on
All this fuss about Maryon!
Led vociferously from down-under
With more to come, I shouldn't wonder.
But BM's not one for a swollen head
Some times, he leads, some times he's led;
But he bounces back - and just as well...
We need his sort on WOL!

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Thu 14th Jun 2018 16:49

A dash of levity and standing firm - mix thoroughly together, stand well back ; my word, here cometh Brian with his own agenda - not quite sure what he stands for though, if anyone knows please let me know. (I'm flattered to be on your list Don).

(All in good fun Brian!)


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Don Matthews

Thu 14th Jun 2018 13:51

Thanks Anya

Brian is very asset-worthy. He just needs a little smoothing around the edges. Like me 😎

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Thu 14th Jun 2018 13:12

Hi Don,

We all agree that Brian is an asset to the site 😀

And so are you Don 😎 x

ps. Thx for the mention x

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Don Matthews

Thu 14th Jun 2018 13:04

This shows what a community of like minds can create. We all bounce off each other. Intellectual interaction. I think I have found a home.

Thankyou Keith and Brian.

I think Brian hasn't quite worked me out yet. We will get there.

Don 😎

He thinks I paid Hannah to say something nice about him. He's so misguided....

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Brian Maryon

Thu 14th Jun 2018 12:35

BTW Don - what agent's fee did we agree on?

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Brian Maryon

Thu 14th Jun 2018 12:30

Don - I'm honoured (I think!).

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keith jeffries

Thu 14th Jun 2018 12:21

A Masterful gem of poetic verse. Brian is incomparable, essential and has made his mark with unrestrained humour. His comments and criticisms are to behold.
I stand firmly beside him as he has become a valuable asset to the site.
An eloquent poem.
Thank you for this,

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