Twisted love

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Drown my cries with your silent screams,
Push my fears away with your shaking hands.
Listen to me with your deafened ears,
Nod and pretend to actually understand.

Hold me down while I continue to fly,
Look at me through your blinded eyes.
Pretend to see the person you want to,
And tell the truth through your broken lies.

Smile at me through your bleeding tears, 
Push me down as you catch me to fall.
Pretend to help me as you walk away,
Be deafened when you hear my call.

Please lie to me and tell me you love me,
Skin my knees and black my eyes.
Hold me close and push me away,
As we whisper hello and goodbyes.

Nod at me and then hold out your broken hand,
Help me up as you're pushing me down.
Hate me in front of everyone else,
Yet love me no one is around.

Laugh at me and continue to cry,
As your realize just exactly what you lost.
You become blinded by your pain,
As you realize what it is I cost.


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Martin Elder

Sun 17th Jun 2018 19:08

This has a wonderful rhythm and pace to it which makes the poem flow nicely

Big Sal

Sun 17th Jun 2018 18:07

Again, another superb piece where the emotions run deep. I hope you catalogue all your poems somewhere on paper or flash drive so that you can always have them as a reminder of the stepping stones you take every day to heal and be a better person. Emotions can't be forgotten so easily, so why should poetry? Keep up the great work Ms. Rai, it'll only get better with time.?

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