I might do it again because I

I might do it again because I

have no self-control over myself

and I feel that my freedom is limited

in this relationship that I cannot

do things that I want to do without

thinking of you first and how it can

affect you. But I am my own person

and I want to be free and drink

whenever I want and party whenever

I can without you worrying about me.


I might do it again because I

want to kiss other lips rather than

just one and touch other skin

but my options are limited because

I am with someone and it's hard to

commit when I want to have fun

without hurting you and how you feel.

When you're not around I choose to

do the things that I was limited to do

and pretend that you're not worrying about me.


Created on June 10, 2018

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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Jun 2018 17:39

Thank you for this interesting poem. When I read Hazel´s comment the words which entered my mind were ¨bread buttered on both sides ¨. I shall not delve into the morality of the poem but you are honest; which is healthy and needs to be properly addressed.
Thank you again

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Hazel ettridge

Sun 10th Jun 2018 16:40

Cake? Eating? Cake? Eating? Hummmm

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