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She Misses Him Badly

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{She Misses Him Badly}

They shared

something so

beautiful and

something so

deep and true

but that truthful

lustful love affair

ended to soon

between them

because he

didn't believe

her so she went

on her way no

matter how much

she cared or loved

him and so much

she wanted to

stay but she

knew that if she

did they would

only hurt each

other in the end

and they did

because it just

about destroyed

her whole world

now she's left

picking up these

broken pieces of

her heart and

world and she

misses him so

badly but she stays

away from him or

any social media

sites he is on and

where he lives at

because she can't

bear this hellish

pain that only kills

her more each day

inside as she cries

because she lost him

but now she's trying

to move on no matter

how bad she wants

to give up on everything

but she asks God over

and over why this

happened once again

and she guesses

she's meant to be by

herself for eternity

and she's done with

love permanently

because now she

only hates the love

and sexual games

we all play as

men and women 

like cats chasing mice 

And life will

never be the

same without

him in my her

life after all the

beautiful things

and they shared

together maybe

it was all a

fairytale dream to

begin with and now

it's nothing but a

bad hurtful memory

she wants to die

with her soul

and life any

day now 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer October 26,2017 but posting here on June 27,2018 


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