I Don't Fear Death

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{I Don't Fear Death}


We all live 


We all die 


We all cry 


We all suffer while

we are trying to live

in this life while we

just simply wait for

death to creep in

on you 


And we all love

everyone that is

actively in our lives

daily and we love

hard and we love

deeply as we possibly

can because believe

me tomorrow isn't

promised to us or

anyone for that

factor so don't worry

about no one that

hates on you and

be happy with yourself

even if no one else

likes it because you

wasn't put here to

satisfy or to please



And most people

fears death but I

don't because I

know after I'm dead

I will be at rest and I

will have peace so

I have no fear of



As we all suffer daily

in this life but we

must know that

after life we shall

have God's grace

and his heavenly

glory shining down

on us as he has

washed us in his

blood so we can

have eternal life

after death 


As we all live 


As we all die 


As we all cry 


As we all suffer

while we are trying

to live and survive

this life we was

dealt at birth 


And please love

us while we are

here because once

we are gone home

to heaven you can

only love us in

memory and

spiritually because

you will never be

able to see us

physically or hear

our voice one more

time because you

only have memories

what it was all like

so love us while we

are here because

that's not to much

ask of you now is it 


And don't wait to

tell someone that

you love them

because tomorrow

might be to late  


And don't wait

because it could

make a person

happy to hear

that from you while

they have to fight

for their own life 


And I will not never

fear death because

death is only a

heartbeat ? away

for me so let me

thank chiari for

that so


Thank you chiari 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer June 24,2018


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