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You wake me up sparrow,
Early in the morning.
With your clarion call,
Which comes out chirping.

Above bed's window panes,
You prepared your nest.
But you're never seen in it,
Taking some rest.

On the contrary you're seen,
Busy in bringing hay.
To make the nest strong,
All the whole day.

After some days,
You're seen feeding your littles.
With incessant Increase,

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Obtain the Face of Oversoul |


entry picture


that you didn't get

to see me,

hidden in my outzise

paper-board ink


and dripping entrails

on your dress


Maybe the melody

we sought to wove

was always supposed

to end in knots

and I'd go crawling over

the checkerboards

lifting and putting down

the bricks you threw

each engraved

with its own symbol,

'FAO', for the suit outside


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Also by David Blake:

Scrap Philosophy |


Unlikely Nonsense

Today I saw a killer shark

Playing in our local park,

Climbing up the climbing frame and sliding down the slide,

When bravely I approached with care

And asked what he was doing there,

He answered, "I'm just passing time while waiting for the tide."

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Also by branwell kent:

The Secret Of A Long Life | True Story | Mea Culpa | How We Won The War | Body Language |


Remember when we were young, 

On that beach in Portmerion, 

Remember how you took me to Paris, 

I was your angel, 

We planned a family, 

But I became oh so thin, 


You tried to do, 

My shopping for me, 

Trying to feed me, 

But you were so angry, 

All the time, 

I have cancer, 

But they tell me, 

I can live, 

I was the one that got away, 


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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

There's nothing to do | Publisher | Rhiannon | Fertility | Chemotherapy | Home and lockdown, | Awful Day | Sorry, | Checks _Day 15 | Help me | Be at peace | Lockdown, | The staff | If this is my only voice | Ex husband | No tears | Death | The Water song | Day 13 | For You | For Ste | Music | Day 10 | Signature | Young Victim | Day 6 | Bipolar | Spirit | Shakepeare |



I wasn’t there at the docks

of Merseyside – it was Dad

decked out in fireman’s garb.


His mate perished under an

imploding wall - Dad stored

images in his mind and when


demons came he took it out

on us – although he never

cussed – just acted strange  - 


we kept profiles low until his

ghosts had flown, rearranging

his mind, foregoing fieriness

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Also by Philipos:


Rosy future


his dreams

were filled with


and he felt alive


today dark clouds

of despair

float across

his tormented mind


he sees

a bleak future

and wishes that

he were dead



rising floods

from cloud bursts

will drown

all his yesterday's

bright hopes


he shall forever

dwell in the darkness

created in ...

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

A banquet spread out in the night sky | The mirror only now reflects | Monkeys filled the vacuum | A well planned return |

A words inside word hunt with my new thinking albeit ( as yet ) unsuccessful self

Oh yes! I know they're up there

but the little !!!'s won't come down and out

 maybe its because my name isn't Coleridge, Wordsworth, Dickinson

those poets that so many with very good reason rave the !  about


So, okay, you clever !'s

keep yourselves to yourselves


but one day I'll build the ( has to be ) 

longest metaphorical ladder in the world


and you lot can...

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Praising the old Masters | Dreaming of a dream | Those ever useful off-cuts! | Downturn | The old unanswerable question | Bombshell of suddenly imposed singularity | And in the right hand corner Leon ' raging bull ' Stolgard! | Back into the realms of madness! | Barefaced cheek! | Condoning devilry | A poem from the book of me |

"Bound for the City"

entry picture


"Bound for the City"

Growing up in this small village

Felt like a ghost watching his body being interned unceremoniously

I was detached from everything else that had a taste of joy.

Like a stranger, I kept on wandering far away

From the land, from the people, from their dwarfed dreams and shallow fears. 


My soul was like a raptured explorer,

distant lands held p...

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Also by Emeka Collins:

"Conversation with an atheist Lover" |

Climate change and Lockdown

entry picture

Is it the job of a poet to comment on current affairs? Are we political? Are some issues facing us beyond the political? Just some of the issues facing poets in a world which is bufftted by crises and facing immense challenges. 

Simon Armitage laid down the gauntlet on the climate emergency, effectively saying that it imbued everything we see or do, and MVP responded by dedicating our 2020 anth...

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anthologyclimate changepandemicpoems on zoom

Its time for fun

I have grieved enough

Let me have some fun

Times are still rough

May be a patch is enough

Green grass and leaves 

Trees are beautifully seen

May be a park is good enough

Maintaining distance

Yet jogging around

It's time to let the gloom go

And let the smiling shine return

When the noon goes hiding

Before the moon illumines 

It's time to rest on a park bench


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Also by Bluesky.girl:

For my everything | Wishes renewed | Ruinous | Patiently await the hour | If | Uneclipsed | Crying😭 | Death | "My last love poem" | Not a poem 2 | Not a poem | Visitors | Don't go | Satiated | Broken trust | Droplets | Moongirl.in.nowhere.land | Entangled | Moongirl.thehulk | Soar to success |

Speak not a word

entry picture

Speak not a word

Wednesday,8th July 2020


Speak a word

that shall be heard by Lord

but speak not

if not required


words have power

and can bring storm by thunder

it may shower

from the rain over an earth


if eyes can do the miracle

why struggle?

for unnecessary things

that can bring unpleasant storm


your body language speaks

and that is...

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Also by Jadia4708au:

My sweetheart | Lay a wreath | Forgive them all | Hopelessness | In the true context | God is omnipresent | Real human beings | Beautiful reminder | Lifelike, bubble | Poets & readers | No place-lies | Words & inspiration | Where from? | Life self-confidence | So many questions | Human to err | Jealous poets-Poem Hunter | Mild aspect | Wrath & Anger | Father-with an alert eye |



entry picture

c h o k i n g . . . 

on unfathomable words

      only a hint 

            of something 



it's not enough, I deserve 

more than this


there's been something

|between the lines|

as we watch 








it's not enough, I deserve 

more than this



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Also by kimberly:

Unwell | A keen eye's woe | Deconstruction Site | Chasing Sunsets | Did I Ever Tell You... |




There is something in the corner of my room.      

                                                                                                                                                                               I squint to see it in the darkness.

A little boy is sitting on the floor,

Playing with a deck of cards.

I sit up and stare at him.

He sees me and...

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Also by Isobel O'Donnell:

The Fawns |



Common sense can be heard to beseech:

What has been done to freedom of speech?

Now the prisoner of opinion and offence

None of which makes very much sense.

Words chosen have to be - shall we say "foxy"

To avoid the wrath of the me-me orthodoxy,

Like the Hays Office that controlled what was seen

In days long gone on the cinema screen

When couples on a bed had their feet on t...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



I am all powerful you could even say im super human.

My thoughts create my reality, my DNA reattached the proof is in the Schuman .

Abundance is my birth right and I wont take nothing less.

And as the law attracts I will receive nothing but the best.

Fore I know that I am GOD source energy at its core.

This time nothing can slow me down fore the past is the past and no longer welcom...

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Haiku for Life

Say that we had many lives:


If you were to choose

Might you take the first to come-

Or would the last do

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Also by Aj:

Sonnet for Dread | Pantoum for the Birds |

A battle with self.

In a dusky morning, the sun was setting,
Wanted to scream in a silent mic.

No more of this frustration, no more of this hatred,
Death was the only freedom came to his mind.

Listening to the people, listening to himself he realised,
Many a things don't matter, So does his life.

Losing his hobby, his like, his ego, his pride.
Losing his humanity, was what it was like.

'Try to stay po...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

Trapped | A new Family | To the best mentor he ever had. |

battledepresseddepressionemptinesshopelesslifepainstrugglesuicidesuicide depression


I dug a huge momentum out of the ground

so big it made grooves in my back and lanes

in my feet and people watched and shouted

approval, some clapped, I staggered under

its weight and did not see who I passed just

moving without buckling along streets painted

yellow and gold heading to where I thought

the gods might dwell, hoping to catch them in;

busy, I suspected, from bur...

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Also by Clive Culverhouse:

Shockwaves | Pagans | The Asked Man | Let’s Escape Tonight | The Pact | If The Flames |

how do you see me?

I want to know haw you see me

Do you see my stomach at first is that how you see me

or is the little bit of fat on my chin is that how you see me

Is it my thighs is that what you first see of me

my chubby face is that what is seen of me

is it every crease that i spend hours of my day staring at, is that the part you see

in my eyes thats all i can see of me 

and i need to know ...

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Also by Youngdumbpoet:

'it' |


Retrieving The Morning Paper


In the morning

just before dawn

it is still dark and

still in pajamas

he makes a run for the paper

lying there on the driveway

like a dead bird that fell to earth

he hurries to pick it up

before a car comes

to catch him in its headlights

quickly back toward the front door

before anyone sees him

the next door cat does

he's been watching the whole time


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Also by d.knape:

Managing Your Beard | Free Speech | REFERRAL ORDER | Mirror Image | Wiped Out | Salt Of The Earth | BEING BRIEF |


entry picture



The floorboards above

Crack like rheumatic bones

Late at night

The house groans

And wind whispers

Through the open windows


The curtains open

The lights out

The darkness presses

Against the window

A streetlight drops

White light on the path


I can see a pale moon

Crawling through the trees

A cat sashays

Beneath the porch opposi...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Six Grandfathers | Marketplace | Spells | Old Vic | Needles & Thread | We Never Suspected A Thing | You Could Own An Upright Piano |

active mindday99insomnianoisessightssleepsoundsunrest

Heady Idea

I was not very old when I first thought,

'I wonder how you tell the difference between

What we say it is from what it really is.'


With the concept of 'we' presumably 'people',

It was contemplation, not confrontation.

I was not bucking parents on principle.


What did I mean by 'say' or 'it' or 'really' or 'is'?

With such words the whole world goes round!

What did I...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Waking Up |

Pigs (three different ones)

entry picture








Not the most astute critique, I know,

but we were just fifteen. The Pink Floyd song

would volley from the mouths of my home gang

every time a panda car rolled slow

to cast a cagey eye on us then slew

away from those street corners where we’d hang,

and mumbling some Prog Rock lyrics wrong

summed all the in...

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What About Me?

I see them

Seeking a bluer sky

Those streets seemingly paved with gold

A charmed life looked at from a distance


What about me?

I am grateful to waken this morning

Another day of possibilities

I make my reality



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Also by deanfraserofficial@yahoo.com:

Tales To Tell | Some People | Observed On My Travels | Dragons | The Jacket |

#inspirational #love #self-growth #spirituality

An embarrassing few words

A highly respected police officer was due to retire,

He had assisted many colleagues,his guidance they did admire.

Jessica ,a chief inspector,who spoke at his leaving party,was a great fan,

"I would not be in the position that I am in if it wasn't for this man."

The large gathering at his leaving party thundered with laughter,

Why? Jessica remembered she was 8 months pregnant after.

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Also by hugh:

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Sunday Sky

entry picture

Sunday sky the weather in the morning, please.

The night now battles round with wind and rain.

The storm plays devil with the chimney pots

The cloud descends, and drizzles down the drain.

Sunday sunlight needed in the morning please.

A swept and shining, breathless, briny sky.

Darkness is pressing hard against the window panes.

I dream of day bright, daylight, open eye.

In ...

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Melbourne's locking down again

Time to feel a bit more pain

Prior claims now look absurd

It's all gone quiet, not a word

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Also by Brian Maryon:


TV News

I saw the TV news the other day –

A man stabbed some people

In a park in Reading.


Those poor folk had died,

rushed to hospital in vain,

nothing could be done and they perished.


An atrocity and most probably needless;

horrific and unfathomable,

strange but yet too common

in our curious, sometimes violent society.


I wondered about what might drive

a pe...

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A Frustrated Lover's Pay

entry picture

A Frustrated Lover's Pay

Ujjal Mandal, Ganguria, India, July 08,2020

Once there was a day
you used to say
'we are one sweet flower,
without petals it seems sour'.
But O dear, you taught me today
love in blind must pay;
what kind of pay, I don't know,
just try to be blind once, it must show.


*This poem shows a lover's painful feelings. Here I try to show that.


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Also by Ujjal Mandal:

Yesterday is Better than Tomorrow | Maa, the Maker of the World | Mother, My Loving Lotus |

Broken Love

Happy Summer

These months of summer,

Just like last year,

I hear the melodies,

Of piano you play

And the music we listened to.


On this beautiful night,

Watching that one star

Hoping you watching the same star

From your end

I miss you.


One year is about to pass,

Out of the five years,

That you asked me my whereabouts.

I'm sure that it won't come back

But that'...

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She Was Her Absolute

She walked out and suddenly felt all alone

She had opened herself up again when she promised herself she never would

He made her feel safe, he made her feel wanted, her made her get over obstacles, he made her a better her

Why then did she feel all alone again

She was tired of having to fight for five minutes, she was tired of the switching schedules, she was tired of no time at all


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One Love

Worries dissolve

with each drum beat,

guitar strum,

heartfelt harmony. 

From floating, 

on a river of dreams,

to cosmic flight, 

weaving a cocoon of peace.

One love.



Hope springs eternal,

in your soul song. 


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one night

one touch, two touch enough to get a taste

three touch, four touch enough to feel the waste

five touch, six touch i like you now 

seven touch, eight touch don’t put me down

nine touch, ten touch this is a mistake

eleven touch, twelve touch is this really fake?

thirteen touch, fourteen touch i really need to go

fifteen touch, sixteen touch thank you for the show

light touch,...

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Also by Brooke Addison:

the bus | bodies (pieces of meat) |

Soldier of my own life

My heart has gone through so much,

Just like soldiers on battlefield.

Wounds of broken promises and lies,

Just like wounds suffered by swords.

Wanted to lose hope but stood strong,

Just like warriors who stay strong till their last breath.



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Also by Kashish Dawar:

Journey |

No laughing matter

No laughing matter


This is the tale of a dirty old geezer
Who tried so ‘hard’ but never pleased her


Well, he caught a cold one day,
And almost sneezed his dick away.


He sneezed on poor old Daffney Goff
Who almost cut his dick right off.


She gripped the sheets hard for awhile

Which made the old man grin and smile


Until his sneeze took its toll
Which ke...

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Also by poemagraphic:

Chariots Of Fife | Just a bit of fun | The Chameleon Poet | HeSheAphrodite | On-line Friendships. | Fools gold | Still |

CovidHumourNothing to be sneezed atPo

The Embrace

entry picture

The night slips away...
Minute by minute..
Hour by hour...
I hang on to the seconds...
Awake and entangled in your power...
The memories are too strong..
Emotions too ripe..
The moods are all there ..
Wrapping me up all night..
Till sleep takes over..
These thoughts cradle me...
It's like they sense the emptiness in me..
You are my shadow embedded deep in my soul...
But I still need y...

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Killing Eve - A Villanelle

This nonsense about Killing Eve
Get on with it is what I say
I find it so hard to believe

Perhaps she flatters to deceive
She lives to fight another day
This nonsense about Killing Eve

It is a tangled web they weave
Not black or white but shades of grey
I find it so hard to believe

So surely someone can conceive
A way to bump her off today
This nonsense about Killing Eve

Call m...

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Killing Evevillanelle

Strike a Light

Swish coffee shop on swanky seaside plaza

It certainly entices, as his throat is parched

Looks right, left, and right again to cross


“Just inside here sir, table for one?”

He chooses to sit outside under plastic cover

It’s drizzling but no choice in the matter really


“Large skinny latte, shot of gingerbread”

“Suppose I’ll get ripped off" he mutters

Now, the real r...

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black hearts with white faces


I rage to witness the


privileged protestants 


who rinse their devious hands 


in that cold-blooded cauldron


the ‘bame blame’ cul-de-sac


littering ten-pin effigies


in no-one’s name.



© Graham Sherwood 07/2020 

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entry picture

Fellow Baby Boomers will no doubt recall that rite of passage that was the Eleven Plus.  For non-Boomers that was an exam every kid took at the age of eleven (as it happens) to determine your next educational path. Those who passed went on to the grammar school, those that didn’t didn’t. They went on to the secondary modern, and for the vast majority of the population that “cut” set the seal on th...

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Also by John Coopey:


Amor Fati

None of us are wise enough to see the road ahead,

To understand each twist and turn we meet upon the road,

Even the river sometimes meandours from it's well worn bed,

And washes over barren lands where other waters haven't flowed,

It's a pointless task to ask what lies around the bend,

What lays beyond the sunlit crest of the next imposing hill,

The truth is you'll never know unt...

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I serched in many objects,

In many ways

to find peace.

I searched even in your heart.

wealth ! fame ! charm !

All fade or prove fragile.

Then I closed my eyes and

Keep my hand near my heart.

And talked with myself.

The spring came from within

A pure bliss !

I was a fool in deed

to keep distance from myself.

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Scar | And You... |

Nightmares amongst the field

Nightmares amongst the field 

Like thorns in a cotten fields 
You pricked me hard to wield 

I bleed out like a river 
From the suffering you deliver 

I was just a child 
So free and wild 

Until you got a Hold of me 
Gave me scars left unseen 

I have all this pain inside 
Bleeding black poison from the child that died 

You know the things done to me 
Even though you won't be...

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She didn’t follow the advice scrawled on the door.


Reverberating down the corridor.

A late-night shift, the lift broken and fouled.

Her bag, full of nursing studies,

Weighed more than she did.

Working hard to do her job, still just a kid.

The Marker-pen in a tattooed hand

Suggested he had been doing his.


They didn’t speak, so he didn...

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Virtual reality

Do people still fall in love?

Do they manage to tear themselves away from their phones

Do they manage to hear themselves over the din of shrill voices, opinions, suggestions, DIYs, hate, creativity and never ending updates

An assault on our senses, 24/7

Being connected, the data running out

Panic stricken, what's happening in the world if I wasn't updated about it for 2 hours?


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Also by Ananya:

Realization | Rhyme | Time |

Rugged Individualisms

The middle aged bike rider stops
Three feet away from me 
Ignoring my salutation 
He’s on his own

The teenaged boys share
Stories of fighting 
other gangs
They’re on their own

The city workers on their break
Eating sandwiches complaining 
About boss
Are on their own

The retired white joggers 
Without masks who don’t 
Make way on the path
Are on their own 

I’m typing this on...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Moving | Men’s Feelings | Young Musicians |


A shadow dims the shimmer of sunshine

warming through my window.

I squint outside

to see a flurry of hawthorn blossom,

swirling on the breeze

in glorious affirmation of spring.

I am reminded of

snow globes of distant youth

except that now

I am the one

behind the glass.

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increase in
my pulse
as we start
to waltz

on me
practised hands
move like
a dance

feel your
featherlight on
my lips

and the
of an artist's

sway and
morph into

transfer the
let me take
the lead

feel our
shapes lift
as the music

sweep me 
across the floor
leave me
wanting more

whispers in
my ea...

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Also by cindylee loucks:


WORDS by cindy lee loucks

we, the living

It's sad and its sweet,

Bitter sweet,

I mean.



This angle of pleasure,

Besides a moon,

Of once day.


Yet the palisades break down,

With winter's ending grace,

The dark walls must fall.


It's strange to remember,

Before on lighter days.

I was more afraid.


But yet these things we call life,

And the dead inside the living,

Surely holding...

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